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Ongoing: The Rainbowholic (Life)story; Personal,QuickFollow on Bloglovin

 I have so many things to blog about but there are only 24 hours a day. *_*

So here's a really quick update.

I can't remember if I have shared this already but..



.. I'm currently writing my "online book".

I know, the idea is crazy (since when did I have a not-so-crazy idea anyway haha).. but I really want to push & start on it.

(I hope someday it gets published lololololol I dream)

Cover Photo

Enjoy getting to know Kaila (not just "rainbowholic"), my background, my roots..

the real story before I climbed my way up from the ground to the clouds, aiming to reach for the stars. :")





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JapanLover.Me Turns 1!; Quick,WorkFollow on Bloglovin

I cannot believe how fast time flies! It's been a year since we launched our baby, JapanLover.me!

It's a bit hard to sink in that we have over 260,000 JapanLovers around the world in just a span of 1 year.. and we are growing! :")

This wouldn't be possible without the tremendous support from our friends, collaborators, partners, contributors.. and you, Rainbowholic friends! You guys were the first supporters. ;_;

I remember all the "doki-doki" moments in building this website / community from scratch. This JapanLover.me project gave me confidence to start Kawaii in Manila, Kawaii Philippines.. and so forth. We are just actually a team of 3 girls (from Japan, USA, and Philippines) who are just passionate in sharing our admiration for Japan / love for Japanese culture. Our team has grown.. and we now have a social media manager (Kaye) and an additional graphic / visual designer with us (Anne)! My leadership skills were tested and as a founder, I have to squeeze out all the creative juices in delivering quality content! I admit, we still have a lot of areas to improve, but I believe that JapanLover.me will expand more, and more.

As our gift to you, we are now officially announcing that we will release an eBook compilation of our favorite created and curated contents... FOR FREE! That's how we celebrate here at JapanLover.me! :D

If you are curious about how we started this project a year ago... here is the story.

Thank you everyone and Happy Birthday, JLM!


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