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Changing The World With Kawaii: A Talk by Kawaii.PH Founders Kaila and Anne; KawaiiFollow on Bloglovin

Here's a copy of my speech / talk last Kawaii in Manila 2!

It's about my personal dream, our dreams turned achievements in Kawaii PH, and how we plan to change the world with kawaii. ^_^

I will be just copy-pasting everything! ^_^

bhunber bhunber2

I love you Anne Kate! <3


TALK - Changing The World With Kawaii.001_cb

Good afternoon everyone, my name is Kaila Ocampo, and I am the founder of Kawaii Philippines.

Later on, my co-founder Anne will join me on stage as we present to you our humble achievements and crazy dreams about spreading and sharing kawaii here in the Philippines.

TALK - Changing The World With Kawaii.002_cb

TALK - Changing The World With Kawaii.003_cb

I will start this short presentation with a story.

A story of a girl who just dreamt about Japan.

A girl who has so much passion about sharing kawaii.

And you guessed that right.. that girl is…. me.




I’m sure that many can relate here because we all have dreams.

TALK - Changing The World With Kawaii.004_cb

Lahat po tayo ay may pangarap. Ang pangarap ko po dati ay pumuntang Japan. 10 years or so later, minsan feeling ko, nangangarap pa rin ako. Too good to be true.

I just wanted to see Japan in my own eyes. I’m sure marami makaka-relate dito.

TALK - Changing The World With Kawaii.005_cb

Mahilig po kasi ako manood ng Cardcaptor Sakura dati.

Siya po ang hero ko nung bata ako, feeling ko sana maging katulad ako ni Sakura, forever carefree at parang always “trying her best in everything”.

Watching anime and imagining myself to be in the same place with these “gambatteru hito” girls made me hope and dream big.

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Kawaii in Manila 2 Feelings; Commercial Break,Kawaii,WorkFollow on Bloglovin

Hello everyone, it feels great to type again~ with overflowing feelings once more, haha!

I actually don't know where to start.. since I still have the hangover from Kawaii in Manila 2. :sigh: Our journey right from the start wasn't smooth-sailing and even if we had all the positivity and optimism inside our pockets, there were A LOT of times when we all felt overwhelmed by the roadblocks and all the questions we have in mind. Halfway through convention planning, I was still in Japan and juggling our work with meetings, brainstorming sessions.. and my teammates were all in Manila.

kawaii in manila 2

At first, we were challenged with a big "HOW!!?".

"How the hell are we going to make a convention and pool a community of kawaii lovers in the metro to one venue?"

"How will we get enough funding to support everyone and have our dream convention actualized without comprising the international quality we have already set for Kawaii.PH?"

"HOW will we invite Harajuku brands to sponsor their clothes and recreate the fun fashion shows that Japanese kawaii events have?"

"How are we going to be heard by the media and all the key people in the current industry to help us with our movement?"

"How do you coordinate with everyone while you are in Japan, still pitching the idea you have in mind, yet the convention is in the Philippines?!"

There were a lot of HOW's, What If's.. and all the possible questions a newbie convention organizer would have.

But you know what kept us going and made us just bravely gulp down our fears as we search and arrange all the puzzle pieces in creating a successful festival of all things cute?

We knew from the start WHY we had to spearhead the event.

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