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Thankful For

I am thankful for..

  • My family and friends for sticking with me through thick and thin, success and downtimes.. It must be tough especially during my "mood swings" so I am thankful for the understanding.
  • The personal / work challenges and struggles that I battle with. Without these, I wouldn't be able to stretch myself to do better and do things smarter. *positive thinking*
  • My Rainbowholic readers / dreamers for the support. Every comment / feedback / encouragement goes a long way for a girl like Kaila who has shallow happiness hehe.
  • My roller coaster ride life in Japan. It's a dream country for me to live and chase my dreams here but I must admit, there were / are many things that still "shock" me about living in Japan. I learned and still learn how to have an open mind in order to "survive" here, and I'm thankful for Japan for teaching me that.
  • My vacation x work time in Manila. I value every day I spend in my home. For all the simple joys such as home cooked meals, movies with my friends, and Sundays with my family... Thank you ~
  • My Kawaii PH and Japan Lover Me family for being one of my support system. As a founder / leader of these communities / platforms, I learn a lot from my teammates and co-workers. Working with a team (even if we don't look like we do because we appear to be "having fun" :)) ) has taught me a lot of values hehe.
  • My flexible yet hectic work schedule. I seem to never run out of things to do but I'm most thankful about the flexible part of my job. And I do most of my work in my pajamas haha. XD
  • This is weird but I am thankful for my collected 10 yen coins hahahaha because when I run out of money and I want to buy a drink from a vending machine, my 10 yen coins are there to save my cravings. :))
  • Quiet mornings. Before or during breakfast, this is my most productive part of the day ... and perfect mornings for me = quiet mornings with the birds chirping :)))
  • ... Everything. My life isn't perfect even if my fb page might be telling otherwise (with all the kawaii posts haha) but I am just thankful for all the experience, whether it's good or not-so-good. I wanna be someone great while still being ~young~~
  • And thank you to everyone who sends love mails to my inbox huhu I might not be able to reply fast (mentally I do haha) but there... Thank you for adding more sparkles to my days hihi.


How about you? What are you thankful for? :")

If you are feeling blue, I recommend this easy gratitude exercise. 10 minutes later, you will feel more refreshed and pumped up! :)

Being appreciative when things are going great or when the road is rocky is very healthy for the soul! :D

Gratitude is a cheap / free medicine that I highly recommend. <3

<3, Kaila


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Welcoming The Kawaii Autumn With Kawaii Box (Review + Giveaway!!); Kawaii,Reviews,SponsoredFollow on Bloglovin

Last week, I received every kawaii enthusiast's happiness in a box: A Kawaii Box!

I felt like a little girl who was about to open her Christmas present from Santa (this time, too early for the holidays though haha)!  :3star:


Actually, I have received a kawaii box before as well and you can read my previous review here.

This time, these are kawaii presents that I received~! <3

Super happy! :")

My personal favorite is the sheep calendar!

For someone like me who handles a lot of projects, a kawaii calendar is a must! <3

Thank you for the warm welcome, haha! :D

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