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I wrote in my last entry about how kawaii changed my life.

This time, I'm going to tell you our game plan that involves a WORLDWIDE campaign.


We have been promoting kawaii in a different way ever since.

Right from the start, we have been using "kawaii" as a tool to spread happiness. Through a humble "kawaii lifestyle workshop" last 2013 called Kawaii in Manila in the Philippines.

After which, projects and ideas were realized along the way. It wasn't easy but we just knew everything would be so worth it.

All of these things we do... we do these because we want ...

To make someone feel more confident in her own individuality.

To motivate dreamers to achieve their passion.

And so much more...


We are only a small team of Filipina creatives both based in the Philippines and Japan.

A small team that pooled together a very supportive local community.

A local movement that got eyeballs from the foreign scene.

We have hundreds and thousands of supporters online..

... and unfortunately, not all can join and participate in our Kawaii convention because of geographical reasons.

And we still believe that nothing is impossible.

Even if you're not from the Philippines / Manila, you can still be there.

We still want these hundreds of supporters abroad to participate through a "campaign".

We want these people to celebrate in our future victory.

And I would love you (hello loyal Rainbowholic readers huhu *hug*)..

.... to be part of this!  :blush:


Kawaii.PH is inviting all kawaii girls / fans around the world to participate in our campaign!

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Changing The World With Kawaii; ThoughtsFollow on Bloglovin

Whenever people ask me why the hell I am motivated to share kawaii (and my brother would jokingly tell me that this is my "NGO / non-governmental organization" wtf.. )..

... well, the answer is quite simple.

It's because KAWAII has changed my life.. in the most positive way possible.

I didn't realize it when I was younger, but surrounding myself with all these cute stuff I could get my hands on...

.... "kawaii" pushed me to follow my dreams.

When I first had my KERA magazines, I remember I started to dream of Harajuku since then.

Whenever I would see all those kawaii & Harajuku streetsnap photos from TokyoFashion.com when I was still in Manila, I would be so motivated.

I used to be that girl who lacked confidence in her looks (I'd feel insecure about my cheeks / nose / lalala.. ~).

When I came to Japan where self-expression is more accepted (in terms of fashion) than any other country...

I began to dress up the way I wanted to & started experimenting with make-up, and such. And it's always fun!  :-)

Because of "kawaii", I realized that even with all my imperfections & my not-so-favorite body parts, I can still be "beautiful".

I can still look "cute" by being creative & resourceful!

However, at first.. I might have only concentrated on "looking kawaii". Being.. or feeling like it, maybe not that much..?

And then when life happened,  I realized once more.. when I got discovered slowly...

that in order for someone to be this true kawaii person, what is shown outside.. should also reflect inside.

I didn't want to look deceiving.. if you know what I mean. >_<

Kawaii gave me a huge boost in my confidence. It inspired me to do these things. To become a better person.

I strived to be "cute", inside & out.

I began to change. My opinion about "kawaii culture" has evolved...

And this is how I got the idea to redefine who "kawaii girl" is.

If "kawaii" has changed my life so drastically.. what more if others get more exposed to this?

Just like Steve Jobs (I watched the movie when I was in Kyoto, & went home feeling motivated more than ever)..

.... I also want to make a difference in this world.

Whenever people or readers email me or message me how my blog has inspired / motivated them .. I figured that I should use my self-built influence for something good.

That is why I make time to write down my thoughts & realizations.

I have been tremendously blessed. My life is not perfect.. (although people usually assume that "I always have it all", because #socialmedia) ..

.. but I am always thankful. More than thankful.

And I would like to express my gratitude in a quite different way.

I want to spread this happy virus with others through an event that it is not only by me.. but by an AMAZING team & a community of people who also want to share their efforts, valuable time, financial support.. and everything.

It makes my heart so warm whenever I read comments about people wanting to go and support / experience "Kawaii in Manila 2" but because of geographical reasons.. they cannot. :-(

I don't want to exclude these wonderful supporters. I  (rather, we!) want all of you who support our activities, goals and kawaii vision... to join us!

Even if you won't be physically present there, if you want to be part of history, you still can!

One of these days, Kawaii Philippines will launch a worldwide campaign.

Wherever you are from, whether you're a girl or a guy (who appreciates kawaii XD), whatever your age is.. whoever you are.

You are all invited to be part of this campaign.

Sharing kawaii through my blog, pooling friends and like-minded people for "Kawaii Philippines", starting a movement through a "Kawaii Convention" in Manila..

.. all of these that I'm doing have never been all about me right from the start, or just an achievement I could boast..

I just want to show that ..

.. Kawaii is for everyone.

In the future, our ultimate dream is.. to make it more believable that "it is a right".

To empower girls (through "cuteness"!) who aren't quite as lucky as most of us are.

To help these people reveal their kawaii~ smiles by inspiring & motivating them.



My dreams.. our dreams are going crazier and crazier.

And we believe that there are many crazy people in this world who would like to support our cause & mission.

I know you are crazy too! :-)



See you in my next post,


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