“Our Kawaii Tokyo” by Ashley and Kaila

our kawaii tokyo

Our Kawaii Tokyo is a book about your two Filipina girls Ashley and Kaila, one big crazy adventure that's made in Tokyo and why they think kawaii is beyond the word “cute”.

Kawaii is a way of life!

This is still an ongoing book that we are targeting to release next year (2015). ^_^

For more info, please check www.ourkawaii.tokyo <3

A Year After Kawaii Leaders Project

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I cannot believe that it has almost been a year since the "Kawaii Leaders" project with NHK World / Kawaii International. *_* Time flieeeeees (when you're having fun & stressed, lol kidding)!

I get this kind (just like in beauty pageants lol) of question a lot too for some reason. 

"Kaila, would you still ~promote~ kawaii in Philippines if you weren't chosen to be the first Kawaii Leader?"

Before answering that, I remember my friend who asked me a similar question. He asked me if I consider being a "Kawaii Leader" as my biggest achievement / the best thing that could ever happen to me (since it is a dream by many kawaii fans around the world).

I told him.. "Yes, maybe". And with hesitation.

After answering that, I realized that "Kawaii Leaders" could be a life-changing event for me, but it was definitely *not just* a "happy ending" for.. a girl like Kaila. For some reason, it felt like I was given a challenge afterwards, to spread "kawaii" as a happy lifestyle to Philippines / to the world even after the project. I was blessed to be given such experience. The challenge was how to maximize the "title" and really become a "leader" and become truly like it. When the kawaii tour ended, it didn't feel like an ending for me. Instead, it felt like it was the beginning of something great. And this "great" was something I had to make / create on my own (add fun with friends!).

So going back to the question, I think that even if I'm not dubbed as a Philippine Kawaii Leader, I would still try all means to spread the kawaii culture I've been experiencing here in Japan ever since I moved here 3 years ago. Even if without such title, I would still call out my friends in Manila and make a workshop. I would still dream of having and organizing a "Kawaii Convention". I guess the "Kawaii Leaders" project just really gave me huge motivation boost. 

I am very thankful for the opportunities. I get comments such as "You're so lucky", and the like.. before, I would think that maybe it is just because of luck?

Maybe it is, maybe it is not.

But I still think that "good luck" is something you attract yourself to. And I hope we we all work hard in our passion (as for me, it is cuteness!) so that we become very lucky lucky people, attracting all the positive happenings. ^_^


Hello Kitty’s Guide to Japan in English & Japanese

Hello Kitty

If you are planning to go to Japan and you want Hello Kitty to guide and show you around (with all the interesting facts, Japan culture trivia, helpful Nihongo lessons), I recommend this book! And you will not get bored because of the kawaii illustrations and it's very INFORMATIVE! ^_^

I bought it from a bookstore that also sells English books in Odaiba. I've seen these in Kinokuniya bookstores as well! :D