Part 1: Kawaii Things To Do in Takeshita Street, Harajuku, Tokyo

Takeshita Street (or Takeshita Dori) is one of my favorite places to shop in Harajuku. If I want to buy something unique and under the "reasonably priced" category, I would have my "Harajuku fix" in Takeshita street.

[Tips / Notes]

  • If you want to enjoy a shopping experience without the crowd, I suggest going to Harajuku / Takeshita during weekdays. Weekends are crazy! However, you will see more "interesting people" during the weekends. Take your pick, haha!
  • Bring a convenient shopping bag. I am pretty sure that you will not leave Takeshita Street empty-handed.. :P

A Detailed カワイイ Guide of Takeshita Street

(Kaila's Personal Recommendations)

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