The Rainbowholic (Life)Story

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I'm not a writer.

In fact, I started my blogging hobby when I was 13/14 because I wanted to improve my writing skills in English.

(Trivia: I used to ask lots of help from my older brother/s  for my English subjects back in elementary / highschool.)

But I do enjoy sharing.

I love doodling my ideas and concepts on random scraps of papers. I love scribbling and listing down my dreams. I find peace of mind when I make a checklist. I love talking about my plans and goals in life to fellow folks, friends, and like-minded people.

I love sharing a piece of me with the world.

I may not be a "writer" in that sense..

But I'm a writer of my own life.

(To think of it, some people may not realize that they may not be the authors of their life because of society / peer pressure / lack of courage to hold the pen)

I'm not a perfect person. I'm not someone that great yet (and yes, I aspire to be *that great* kind of great, haha).

I'm just any other human / girl, who has insecurities.. who has cried over the stupidest of things.. who is still in the journey of reaching her crazy dreams.

And I will be sharing my raw thoughts, realizations, victories in my not-so-happy past (hi childhood), struggles in learning to love myself again (大変だよ), the little & shallow things that make me smile...  here. :D




I think that life is similar to a children's coloring book.

It's up to you if you want to keep the crayons unused and the pages pristine...

.. or if you'd rather have it messy, colorful, and interesting all at the same time.

And with this ongoing "online book" I'm writing here in the www,

I hope I can narrate to you the (life)story of a girl named "Kaila" (a.k.a. Rainbowholic) from the Philippines.

Who once just dreamt of seeing cherry blossoms in her real life.

Who once loved daydreaming so much that 10 years later, surreal becomes real.

Who once thought that she would never be enough in so many aspects.


This is a story of a girl who just wants to make a difference in this world..

... by following & sharing her passion in life.




Chapter 1: Kaila... who?

Chapter 2: My childhood

Chapter 3: My School Life (Pre-University)

Chapter 4: My University Life

Chapter 5: Chasing My Cardcaptor Sakura Dream [NEW!]

Chapter 6: What I Think About Love [NEW!]