Kaila… who?

Before I start with everything and telling stories from my childhood, or dissect every part of me (lolol), I should do an introduction first. So here you go, hehe~

You probably know me as the blogger from Rainbowholic but like what I would tell to people most of the time.. what I publicly reveal online is probably just something like 30% of me, or even less? Yes, I must be a big 100% then, haha! #truestory

Who is Kaila Ocampo?

I'm Kaila, who is often mistaken by people as a highschooler because of the way I dress (and when I don't really dress up too, haha!). I'm actually 23 now and I have graduated from a 4-year university course in Manila (LaSallian here!).. back in 2011? And my real name is not Kaila since it's just a nickname that my mom loved hearing so much before she gave birth to me because it sounds Hawaiian? :)) And oh, I was born on January 3, 1991, which makes me a Capricorn (earth sign). I am the only girl, and I have four older brothers. I used to have a tomboy-ish phase as well, haha!

I have always loved cute things. My sticker and stationery collections (+ anime magazines such as Questor) were my life when I was a kid. My mom influenced me a lot when it comes to fashion too (and how to be resourceful & fashionable at the same time!). I'll tell stories about my childhood in the next pages / chapters. You might need tissue boxes there, hehehe~

One of my not-so-known hobbies include playing the piano, reading books about productivity / creativity (hashtag self-help, hehe), people-watching while inside the cafe (lol stalker), preparing gifts / surprises for special people in my life, DIY-ing and being practical.

Dun Dun Dun

I love taking photos and making videos. I would love to direct a music video / produce a film about Japan someday.

I enjoy my introvert self a lot by traveling alone.. or even watching movies in cinemas alone, haha! It's really weird when I tell people about how I relax and unwind..  but I guess, it's really different for everyone. I do have loads of fun with family and friends but it's also healthy (creative-wise, lol) to spend some time alone to reflect on certain things.

I'm actually just a simple girl deep inside (clothed in a complicated kawaii fashion lol). I'm already happy when I see my loved ones / strangers happy because of a simple act I've done. Isn't life supposed to be experiencing genuine happiness through little acts of kindness?

When I was a kid, I wanted to become a teacher too? I had this blackboard and imaginary students lolololol. I guess I'm also being a teacher by sharing the way I think (positive thinking!) through the blogs I have. But someday, when I retire from all these blogging online (lol graduation.. and when I make many many many money), I would love to have a "Rainbowholic Foundation" for kids and I want to teach these children from the streets personally. When I was in highschool and during our social service in college, I secretly enjoyed going to outreach activities and playing with kids who are less fortunate. I was a nobody back then but now that I've reached a point where I could have a say in some things, I want to motivate and inspire them that just because you were born in such situation, it does not mean you will also end up just like that. Everyone has the power to change his future, if you work hard enough. Okay this is going lengthy now hahahaha

And yes, I love sharing my dreams to the world. That paragraph above is just a teaser, haha!

My Crazy Crazy Dreams

I have lots of dreams in life that I want to achieve. And here are just some of those crazy ones that are about to be checked in the future .. hopefully! *crosses fingers*

Crazy Dreams

(sorry for the typos lol)

Apparently, people think that I'm this rich spoiled girl who already has everything because I seem to travel a lot and eat / dine out a lot whenever I blog but.. no, haha. I'm not rich (as of the moment, hahaha. I just enjoy life) but I'm a budding businesswoman / creative entrepreneur and my older brother is guiding me to become a successful one. I want to be rich enough so that I can take my parents to places they've been wanting to go when we weren't able to do so when we were all much younger.

One of my grandest dreams is to finally build my own "Kawaii" cafe in Manila. It's going to be called "Rainbowholic Cafe". People think that it would end up like the maid cafes here in Japan, but actually.. my plan is very different, haha! I am a person from the Creative Industry and I would love this place to be a go-to cafe of artists, designers, creative professionals, writers, bloggers, students, and the like.. who can appreciate both kawaii and Japanese culture in general. Of course, everyone is invited here, you just need to appreciate kawaii.

To those who are wondering what my job / career path is (I get this a lot tooo).. I'm currently working with my brother, whose plans include building a .. conglomerate (*pressure*) in the future. I do all the marketing / advertising / producing side and I feel like I'm the whole department. I'm lucky because I've found the best people in my home country to co-produce with me fun stuff. Work and play = our combination. :)

I think that as a person, although I get bashful and shy / awkward.. I consider myself as... brave / spunky? I take risks even though sometimes I already know how the outcome would be. If I take risk in something that ends up failing or something to that effect, I just consider it experience. So that I know better in the future. I used to think very differently but when I matured fast because of all the not-so-good experiences I've had, I think I've become more open-minded. And I use this positive thinking as my weapon and shield when negativity comes to my way.

It's funny how people usually misinterpret or sometimes even look down on me (I get it a lot, I'm just quiet and smirking inside, wahaha) because I look young + my age. I used to mind about those, but now.. I'm just, "Think whatever you want, just don't mess with me". Life is so much easier when you give zero care about how people think about you. And.. this is my everyday stance, haha. ^_^