My School Life

Rainbowholic School

Hmm.. what can I tell about school life pre-university days? For me, it was the mischievous-geeky Kaila era, haha!

Honestly, I wasn't this much of an achiever (almost opposite) when I was younger. I didn't care about getting to the TOP 10 in the class. My favorite part of the day when I was in Grade 4/5 would be going home (wee schoolbus) days because I could watch my favorite anime shows! I would consider myself lucky if I get to watch Cardcaptor Sakura twice or thrice a week during weekdays (which means that my schoolbus would leave early enough for me to catch the shows). Anime was the life, heheheh

So yes, I went to an all-girls school. Private one.. and Catholic. All the way from preparatory / elementary.. to highschool! In the Philippines, it is quite the norm to graduate from highschool at the age of 15/16. Or even 14 (for the super smart ones, haha). I studied in a school called "School of the Holy Spirit". Since my school encouraged students to be friends with everyone (I think), they would always shuffle us (meaning, we don't have those "star" / "honor" sections) every year. So every year, new friends, new lunch buddies. I didn't have a fixed group in my gradeschool days, I think. Sometimes, I would just eat fast and go to the library and look at pretty pictures ..and read fairytale books. I was the kind of student who would often get lost in her daydreaming by doodling in class. :D

I don't know if I really did give a care about my grades.. hmm, maybe I did...? But it just didn't reflect on my report card because I would always get the passing / mediocre marks (minimum requirement I guess haha). If I want to pass (note: not get a high score) in my science / math subject, I would have to study way, way beforehand and make my own reviewers! In my school, 64 is the passing score for periodical exams (with 100 questions).. and I would be the happiest girl if I got 68.. or line of 7 grade! But for history / computer / art-related subjects, I tried my best to get a grade I could brag about to my parents. :))

Since I was the only girl in the family, my parents weren't putting so much pressure on me and my grades (which I was very thankful for). I guess I was the only one putting pressure on myself lololol.. if you have older brothers who are valedictorians / salutatorians, who could not feel any pressure? *_*

When I was in elementary, I didn't know who I would like to be in the future... since I didn't really think of it so much (now, the future has become present woops). The closest was.. I wanted to become a teacher..?  I was actually pretty much clueless. I didn't think so much about future Kaila since I was in my own world of anime and Japan. But looking back, everything that I did before, every small passion I put so much effort on (hello diy projects from the I-forgot-the-name club I joined).. it all led me to do something that I love doing today. Didn't know that discovering geocities' instant webpage maker during my computer class in elementary would make me love html. I concentrated more on something that I loved doing.. though I had to overcome the mandatory obstacles called math (chemistry, physics, lalala) with my 64's. Whenever I get 40-50 marks (lololol #noshame), I was forced to come up with creative ways on how to get my mommy (or just daddy) sign my perodical exam paper. In my school, we had to have our exam papers signed by parents (near the score LOL). How to escape parents' questioning: Leave the exam papers on their bed and pretend to sleep fast.. ahaha.

During highschool, I would join the bulletin board-making / powerpoint / webdesign-related contests. When I won a place in an interschool computer contest, I was able to convince my parents to invest a laptop for me (it was even a NEO one, a local brand). Considering my parents / family's situation, it was a decision that had to be thought / discerned about many, many times. I was lucky to have supportive parents even though my family was in so much craze. Hehe.

I don't know if there are highschoolers or even kiddos who are reading this page of my online book.. but if ever I would be asked about early school life advice, I know that not all parents would agree but.. seriously... in real life, grades are just numbers. A person can be so effortlessly smart but not street-smart enough for real life. In tagalog, "Nasa diskarte lang 'yan" is quite true for me. For me, if you have a hobby that you would like to do for forever (the earlier you find your passion, the better), do not neglect what your heart is trying to tell you. But of course, you have to balance everything. Do not just follow your heart irresponsibly and mindlessly, though. Also, If you aren't good at something that almost everyone is good at, do not feel so bad about it. You can be great at something that not all can do! :) If you are gifted with high IQ / intelligence (I would like to believe that God gave me another set of gifts haha, ahem... *EQ*), maximize your brain skills and apply it on something you really love doing.

If somebody wants me to code a website using a blank notepad, I have the confidence that I can do it. I have been tweaking html codes for 10+ years without the formal education (just classes here and there) and it all started because of my realization when I was really young & mischievous.. that I could be / *might be* great at something. And it didn't have to be chemistry, physics and other subjects that I couldn't even apply to my current work. Heehee. ^_^