How I Get Things Done ✅

Hi everybody!

Today’s blog post is about my tips on how I get things done. I recently asked on instagram for some questions and somebody left a question about ~how I prioritize / schedule the “rainbowholic / kaila way”~. Since this blog topic is also in line with that, I figured that I should share some of the life hacks that worked for me.

In my opinion, I think that planning is just a percentage of the entire thing (if you don’t work for it, it will be just a plan). However, even though it is just a part of it…  it is very important because it gets you into the right mood (a.k.a. your best focused self lol). In this blog entry, I will explain how I kinda ~program~ myself to be productive and to achieve my unending list of dreams / goals. Having the right mindset is really important when you want something to come true in the future. Hopefully, my tips will be helpful to anyone out there!

(I have been using this photo everywhere lol. Please forgive the redundancy lolol)

Ever since I started or disciplined myself to wake up early (the best time for me is 7AM), I suddenly had more time to do everything that I want to accomplish in a day. I used to wake up even earlier than that but I realized that I get tired too often during the afternoon (my naps become a full-length sleep lol THAT is not what we want everybody hahaha) sooo 7AM is the best time for me. If it is like 10AM, it is not early anymore I think (can be categorized under “normal waking up hours” haha). If it is hard for you to get up early, you can train yourself by setting your phone / alarm clock 4-5 times. It sounds crazy but it was effective for me. I also make sure that I sleep by 12 AM the latest (it depends on what kind of day it would be though).

After I wake up, I wash my face and put on sunblock and prepare hot water for my coffee / tea. I change my pajamas to work clothes (even though most of the time, I just spend my work days inside the studio if I’m not teaching). It is tricky to work at home so that is why I try my best to get into the work mode when it is working day. When it is weekend, I spend the day a little bit slower.

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Last Day at Nara 🦌 + My Japan Travel Guides 🇯🇵

Hi guys!

Cannot believe that I am finally writing / drafting the last post for 9 Days Japan Backpacking Trip! It was such an adventure for us last year and so many memories / travel info that I wanted to share.

During our last full day in Kansai region, we went to Nara from Osaka. I’ve been visiting Kyoto for many times during my 8/9-year stay here in Japan but I never had the chance to take a day trip from Kyoto to Nara. So glad that I was able to cross that out from my #japanbucketlist, haha.

Took the train from Osaka to Nara.

Met one of the official mascots of Nara, lol.

To be honest, I was a little bit confused about the fact how “Sento-kun” (the one I am holding hands with in the photo lol) was approved as a character design haha. I was thinking if this actually angered some religious people lol.. but anyway, looks like it was OK-ed, haha!

As always, cannot just get out of the train station without searching for the stamps haha.

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Sewing Workshop + Stationery Meet at Rainbowholic Studio!

Hi everybody!

If you are in Tokyo / Saitama this end of February, I am inviting you to join our fun kawaii journaling event! 🙂

Rainbowholic Studio will be finally opening its doors for its FIRST ever workshop this 2019. Come and join me & @raquels_creations this February 23 (Saturday) as we learn how to sew our very own journaling tote bags + do some crafting together!

My dear friend Raquel has been making these handmade tote bags (cutest fabric designs from Japan!) & she will be giving us a demo on how you can make your own in the first part of the workshop. The fee includes a tote bag of your choice + freebies! After the demo, I am going to teach you how to make cute bag charms that will go well with your tote bag (kit is included).

Second part of the workshop will be just pure journaling fun together + sipping on some Karel Capek tea that I’ve been drinking everyday lol + munching Japanese snacks + exchanging stationery and such. The end time might extend but it’s okay, as we have the whole day together! 😍

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The Spooky Airbnb Apartment 👻 + Tamade Supermarket in Osaka 🍣

Hi everybody!

This blog entry is a continuation of my Osaka travel photo diary.

As I have mentioned, Aki and I stayed at this old apartment room that we booked via airbnb. The listing is not available anymore but it was located at Nishinari-ku.

I felt like I was in a different era, haha.

Drip coffee as always haha

Quick journaling time before we headed out~

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