Kawaii Stationery + Hobonichi + Samantha Thavasa’s Bon Bon Voyage

Hi everybody!

Here's another kawaii spam of random happenings & discoveries! Enjoy the blog post! ;)


While strolling around Omotesando last Sunday, I saw this very, very cute van!


Rainbow kakigori & yummy icecream for hot summer days ~


Coming soon on my youtube channel: Kaila-fied instax films!


What I enjoy the most ~


Read my victories of the day, lol


2017 Hobonichi Lineup Preview Blog Entry + #Hobonichi With Me video

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2017 Hobonichi Techo Lineup Preview Event at Tobichi 2 📝

Hi everyone!

Last Sunday, I went to Aoyama, Tokyo to visit Tobichi 2 for the Hobonichi Techo Lineup Preview event!

Hobonichi Techo Lineup 2017 Tobichi 10

If you are looking for hobonichi journals & original stationery goods, Tobichi is the place to visit.

I bought my Hobonichi Techo Cousin when my friend Abbey & I visited LoFT Shibuya last Spring. Some LoFT or Tokyu Hands branches do not carry Hobonichi journals anymore (only for limited time) so you're best option is Tobichi.


Thank You All Cover by Sebastian Matsuda



Before the actual photos taken at Tobichi 2 (where the exhibit was), let me show you around Tobichi first! ❤️


From JR Harajuku station, I took Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line for Omotesando.

It was so hot last Sunday so I skipped the long walk. From Omotesando, I just followed the directions based on Google Maps! :)

Hobonichi Techo Lineup 2017 Tobichi 1

At first, I thought that the exhibit was taking place at Tobichi. Apparently, this is what they call Hobonichi Heaven, lolol.

More info about Tobichi here!

Hobonichi Techo Lineup 2017 Tobichi 2

Hobonichi Techo Lineup 2017 Tobichi 3

Hobonichi Techo Lineup 2017 Tobichi 4

Hobonichi covers this 2016!

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Pokemon Attack + Hobonichi Diary Updates

Hi all!
Good morning from Japan~!

The weather has been quite moody these days. Yesterday, it was sunny and today.. it's raining quite heavily again. This weather just really makes me want to stay in bed and never leave it again, huhu.

Anyway, I'm starting the week with positivity and I hope I'll be able to finish all tasks on time.


Still addicted to Pokemon Go, as you can tell haha.


A few days ago, I finally released these Pokemon washi tapes! You can buy one from Rainbowholic Shop.

It's slowly turning into a big online stationery store of Made in Japan goods, haha.


Spicy chicken from Family Mart is really just the best!

kawaii x sukajan

Uploaded a new #Hobonichi With Me video! I combined two entries into one video ~

✏️ #Hobonichi With Me (ほぼ日手帳) - Kawaii Stickers + Japanese Souvenir Jacket Shoot 


Merchandise of Pikachu in Sepia mode, lol. #OnlyInJapan

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Lavenders, Sunflowers, and Hydrangeas at Tambara Lavender Park

Hello everyone!

Finally had some time to sit down and sort out all the photos from my phone and camera. Yay! 😁

During Ashley's second day in Saitama, we decided to explore Gunma prefecture for the first time! It's nearer from where I'm located than being in Tokyo so we were able to maximize the entire day!

IMG_0839Tambara Lavender Park 2

When Ashley and I were talking about our synced vacation together, she suggested Tambara Lavender Park.

Seriously, this girl really knows how to research amazing places! :")

IMG_7378 Tambara Lavender Park Kawaii

The place really reminded me of Farm Tomita in Hokkaido.

Last year (at around this time) was when I visited Hokkaido all by myself, omg! Time really FLIES!!

IMG_7444 Tambara Lavender Park Kawaii

Beautiful lavenders!

IMG_7412 Tambara Lavender Park Kawaii

The best part of this trip? I got to spend it with Ashley!

IMG_0861Tambara Lavender Park 2

While she wanted to see lavenders.. I wanted to see sunflowers. And it was such a delightful surprise when we saw a mini park / area just for sunflowers inside Tambara Lavender Park!

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