I’m so happy that summer classes are finally over! However, I’ll dread it most when classes start again. I have an assessment test waiting for me… that’s why I think I would have to allot 30 minutes per day for my kanji yomikatta (kanji reading) and kanji kakikatta (kanji writing). Gambatte, Kaira!


So I’ve finally decided to name my Blythe, Kumiko (久美子).. which apparently means “long-time beautiful child“. Not bad, eh?

I’m joining a Blythe photo contest so please help we choose which photo I should submit. ^^

I miss taking photographs of inanimate things. This session got me mosquito bites all over my legs. And I saw a quite huge centipede in the area HUHU #fortheloveofBlytheIwillendureeverything (hashtag fail)

Actually, you could change her eyes but the screw driver is nowhere to be found : |

(this one is a favorite)

Looking at this photo makes me feel sleepy ~ :

Some outtakes. Loving my 1.4 lens : )

Bluest of the blue

Though I have not been a good student (I skipped some summer classes because my body clock sucks), I’ve been productive lately doing things I cannot spill (probably next year, I could). Moreover, I have a dream-come-true feature later which is Blythe-related. Cannot wait to get started on it!


P.S. I’m so proud of myself huhuhuhu. I am consistently (with great effort of posting and uploading photos..) updating the blog! I hope this lasts long.



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