Kawaii PH + Japan Lover Me + ENJI @ Tokyo Design Festa

I can’t remember what week was this (lol grandma vibes) but here’s what happened last Design Festa with Anggy and friends!


 Showed off the Kawaii Empowerment photo project we had back in the Philippines!


Design Festa

IMG_3395_cb IMG_3370_cb

Mixed Kawaii Philippine Style x Magical Girl Outfit! <3

I love Miss Kika’s Moonlight Legend Shirt!!!!



Super proud of the whole team who worked on bringing Kawaii PH STORE to Design Festa.

How I wish that someday, I will not just represent my team but they will be here with me as well. 😀



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KAWAII.PH’s Website Launch + Kawaii Lair!

Last week, we finally launched www.kawaii.ph, a website drawn / coded / created out of love for the purpose of sharing KAWAII~


There’s a mobile and desktop version so please make sure you check out both! 😉

For the desktop version, all drawings were drawn by ChiChi while Reese did the doodled mobile page!

Text below from ReeseyPeasy  😎

“Kawaii in Manila” is the first ever kawaii lifestyle workshop here on the Philippine shores! “Kawaii” is the Japanese word for cute, but more than a word, kawaii is a lifestyle – an actual way of living. It’s craving for anything fun, colourful, quirky, and childlike, and it’s wanting to be surrounded by awesome things that bring joy, happiness, and good memories.


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