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29 Apr 2014 ♥ 6:35 am ♥ Comment

Kawaii in Hongkong: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Nanda Collection World Tour with Anne!; Events,Kawaii,Work

Hello everyone! :D

For this blog entry, I'm going to skip to the actual KPP concert we (Anne and I) attended last month in Hongkong!

I haven't edited and filtered the photos for the Hongkong trip .. yet, aaahh~ TT_TT *somebody helppppp*!

For the #rainbowholictravels (with friend, haha) HK special, you can refer to this tag for the related posts.

I've seen KPP perform for a couple of times (and even shared the runway / stage with her before because of Kawaii Leaders project).. but watching KPP with a solid fan-friend (hi Bunny Anne! haha) was more exciting and fun!

To read more about our experience, please check out our newly published article at Kawaii.PH! <3

~ Kawaii Philippines' Special Feature: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's Nanda Collection World Tour in Hongkong! ~

To fully, have a great time without the hassle, we decided not to bring and cause inconvenience to ourselves by bringing bulky cameras.

We just wanted to enjoy the whole concert! :")

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27 Apr 2014 ♥ 9:03 pm ♥ Comment

Kawaii Work Updates; Events,Quick,Work

Initially, I was planning to make a complete overhaul here ( but because of the moment of work I have to do (reason: I went out so much for the past 2-3 weeks for meet-ups :O)... I think I will just postpone it and keep the blog open again.

My list of "events / days to blog about" has become ridiculously LONG  so I will do my best to get and regain my pace back! Little by little.. TT_TT

I'm just going to announce important events..

.. and the most important one is that,

Kawaii in Manila 2 is going to happen!

(note: this is not the official poster, haha. just a screenshot of the convention website ^_^)

Event planning is super tedious but dekiru! (achievable)!! *positivity* haha~


To all interested partners (brand sponsors, merchants, exhibitors, artists, creatives, musicians, designers, etc.), help us build our database of all things kawaii by sending your contact details using the form @ ~


Also, I would like to present another project of "Kawaii Philippines" ...

"A Kawaii World by Kawaii.PH Bloggers"

I've been teaching and helping my teammates / kawaii girls to unleash their ~kawaiiness~ through blogging! Can't wait to release the remaining blogs soon!




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