Kawaii in Hongkong: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Nanda Collection World Tour with Anne!

Hello everyone! :D

For this blog entry, I'm going to skip to the actual KPP concert we (Anne and I) attended last month in Hongkong!

I haven't edited and filtered the photos for the Hongkong trip .. yet, aaahh~ TT_TT *somebody helppppp*!

For the #rainbowholictravels (with friend, haha) HK special, you can refer to this tag for the related posts.

I've seen KPP perform for a couple of times (and even shared the runway / stage with her before because of Kawaii Leaders project).. but watching KPP with a solid fan-friend (hi Bunny Anne! haha) was more exciting and fun!

To read more about our experience, please check out our newly published article at Kawaii.PH! <3

~ Kawaii Philippines' Special Feature: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's Nanda Collection World Tour in Hongkong! ~

To fully, have a great time without the hassle, we decided not to bring and cause inconvenience to ourselves by bringing bulky cameras.

We just wanted to enjoy the whole concert! :")

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Kawaii Work Updates

Initially, I was planning to make a complete overhaul here (www.the.rainbowholic.me).. but because of the moment of work I have to do (reason: I went out so much for the past 2-3 weeks for meet-ups :O)... I think I will just postpone it and keep the blog open again.

My list of "events / days to blog about" has become ridiculously LONG  so I will do my best to get and regain my pace back! Little by little.. TT_TT

I'm just going to announce important events..

.. and the most important one is that,

Kawaii in Manila 2 is going to happen!

(note: this is not the official poster, haha. just a screenshot of the convention website ^_^)

Event planning is super tedious but dekiru! (achievable)!! *positivity* haha~


To all interested partners (brand sponsors, merchants, exhibitors, artists, creatives, musicians, designers, etc.), help us build our database of all things kawaii by sending your contact details using the form @ www.convention.kawaii.ph/form ~


Also, I would like to present another project of "Kawaii Philippines" ...

"A Kawaii World by Kawaii.PH Bloggers"

I've been teaching and helping my teammates / kawaii girls to unleash their ~kawaiiness~ through blogging! Can't wait to release the remaining blogs soon!




Kawaii Philipppines’ Website Relaunch + Mini Christmas Party

Last December 21, we finally relaunched www.kawaii.ph!

*sprinkles confetti everywhere*

It's still in BETA version but don't worry, we'll improve it along the way.  :heart:

Do check out the website and we'll appreciate some feedback!  :yay:



Because 21 was a very special day, I ordered these alphabet donuts from Cello's!

Last minute editing of the website~

Mikee, Kaye, Anne, Kaila and ChiChi! Missing Reese here~

I don't know how else I can express my gratitude to these people so I prepared a little colorful something ~

A kawaii box filled with marshmallows, m&m's and a rainbow cupcake! <3

Christmas is all about giving, so why not? <3

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Kawaii Leaders Day 6: Last Day of Taping + Lifetime Supply of Fake Eyelashes + Mio’s Surprise Birthday Party

This year will not end until I get to finish the Kawaii Leaders series! :))  :tongue:

Before I share what happened in this day  (and I'll do my best to recollect everything in my head)..

I'd just like to announce that our episode "Kawaii Leaders Take On Tokyo" ...

.... got NOMINATED for NHK WORLD's Viewers' Choice Award / Best of 2013!!!


With the lovely Kawaii ladies-  Mio, Eva, Stella, Marie and Misha Janetteさん!<3

Please vote for us, お願いします!!!   :cheer:


My "kawaii heart" to be discussed later~ hehehe!  :heart:

YouTube Preview Image

Throwback Thursday Video hehehe <3


Outfit for the day~


Unicorns and galaxies!  :heart:

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