Event Plugs + 10 Recent Happenings


 Kawaii International will premiere this NOVEMBER 16 on IBC13!

For more info, please check www.kawaii.ph/tv <3


One of Kawaii Philippines' Most Exciting Tie-ups: Bazaar For All Season 8 this November 21-23! <3

 Kawaii PH Store will be selling special-priced items + there will be a kawaii workshop and other activities in our booth.

Won't be there physically but I will be supporting from Japan <3

Rainbowholic Instagram

Please do follow Rainbowholic Shop on instagram <3 Will be selling premium kawaii toys as well! <3


10 Recent Happenings

  1. I got sick when I arrived here. HUHU
  2. Even with sickness, I had to finish all the deadlines with our partners... #responsibilities
  3. I have 20,000+ photos and iPhone and I am OVERWHELMED. I keep on taking pictures but I tend to just store those. Waah, I wanna blog with more photospams soon!
  4. Something to be thankful about: sweetest clients who are so patient and understanding <3 I will work harder / smarter so Rainbowholic Shop will become successful!
  5. DESIGN FESTA event participation was a HUGE SUCCESS! OMG, all the people we met huhuhu
  6. Anggy-chan and I got interviewed by a Japanese writer about implementing Japanese-themed accents in our creations (ENJI / Kawaii PH Store).
  7. Had a reunion with Leen and Anggy <3
  9. Cannot believe that 2014 is about to end!! Time flies so fast!
  10. Things aren't perfect but I'm just so grateful and happy about everything. :-)


Thank you all for still reading my blog even if I've been a very inconsistent blogger, haha!

Love, Kaila

The Giving Journal 2015 by The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Philippines

A few weeks ago, Anne and I got invited by the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Philippines to their planner / Giving Journal 2015 launch. <3

Of course, we were both excited to go because not only we both love Coffee Bean but....

... we actually had our first "official meeting" for Kawaii Philippines / www.kawaii.ph relaunch at a CBTL branch (Greenbelt) as well, last year!  :yehey:

And I spent most of my brainstorming sessions (alone or with the team / Anne) at Coffee Bean too! So tripleeee yay! :D


They had a fun craft activity and we were all tasked to make our own bookmark using this wire.

We had to come up with our "goal" / "dream" / "focus" for the next year (2015).

Some people chose "invest", "save", "happiness" and the like.. and I chose kawaii, hahaha. Of course, that was really unexpected of me! :))

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Upcoming Events in Manila & Tokyo + Kawaii.PH Store Soft Launch

Hello Rainbowholic Friends & Dreamers! <3

I am inviting everyone to come, join and have fun with us in these upcoming events! ^_^

For the first time ever, Kawaii Philippines and Japan Lover Me will be having its first INTERNATIONAL event participation @ Design Festa, Vol. 40!

We will be sharing a booth with our friends from Indonesia, ENJI and WEE'D!


DESIGN FESTA: Encouraging the Freedom of Creative Expression

[source: www.designfesta.com/en/about]

Design Festa is a celebration of the arts at which anyone regardless of age, nationality, talents or language can exhibit.

Serving as a platform for over 10,000 artists, designers, musicians, actors and more twice a year since its inception in 1994, Design Festa welcomes professionals and amateurs alike.

The single largest art festival in Asia, the combination of performances, international cuisine, artistic expression, enrichment, diversity and passion found at Design Festa is like that of no where else on earth.


We will be selling quirky-kawaii handmade items made with love! <3

Our booth number is E-269!


Moreover, we will put up a mini kawaii photo exhibition in collaboration with Assumption Development Foundation and Photographer Justin De Jesus!

kawaii empowerment

These are the hardworking student scholars of ADF.

We gave them their first "kawaii makeover" / empowering experience by letting them try on our own clothes & designs!

For more info, please check out this facebook post. :-)


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Promoting Kawaii Culture and Creativity @ TLC Weekend Festival 2014

Two weeks ago, Kate of TLC (Travel and Lifestyle Channel) Philippines emailed us at Kawaii.PH for a possible collaboration together. Even though our schedule for the following weeks had been set already, I didn't hesitate to grab this chance!

Here at Kawaii Philippines, we want to share and introduce "kawaii" in different venues. Events are not limited to cosplay conventions / fashion bazaars and the like! Last time, we event promoted kawaii in "MATA Expo"!

We really want to spread the happy kawaii virus through various activities. Honestly, we weren't really prepared for it (as we were just contacted 1 week before) but because everyone helped out, we were able to conduct a very successful kawaii workshop to almost 30+ people (of all ages)!

And it was all for free~! So much happiness that day~



Following photos are taken by Francis, our newest Kawaii.PH/LOOKS photographer!


Festival yayayayay!


Yay~ I sponsored some button pins from Rainbowholic Cafe.

Speaking of which, I'm really working hard to get the virtual kawaii cafe finished! TT_TT


TLC Weekend Festival

We prepared easy-peasy felt bow DIY kits!


ChiChi's art!


Wendy, my doll for Rainbowholic Cafe <3



With Rainbowholic Reader turned imouto-chan, Celina!


Kaye (my co-sensei) told me my eyelashes looked so natural! I love you KOJI haha


Our resident Kawaii Boy, Francis!!

TLC24__cb_cb TLC10__cb_cb

Wearing the much-awaited to be released (please wait kawaii girls) Rainbowholic x Lucy Pop Kawaii Girl uniform top!


Chichi so cutee!

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