Kawaii in Manila 2: The 1st Philippine Kawaii Convention

Hello Rainbowholic friends!

こんにちは Kawaii Lovers of Manila!

I am personally inviting you to the biggest kawaii event we have been arranging these past few months!


The ultimate kawaii experience in the Philippines is now bigger and better!

Ready your colorful, fully decorated kawaii outfit and your cute sparkling personality as Kawaii in Manila 2,

the first kawaii convention in the Philippines, is coming this September 2014!


Kawaii in Manila is a day-long affair dedicated to promoting the interest and appreciation for the kawaii culture through various kawaii-related programs and activities. It's an event that aims to unite people who share a common interest in Japanese culture, animation, fashion, and everything in between!

activities 2

This time, on its 2nd run, Kawaii in Manila 2 will take you to a magical portal where you can experience cuteness through Philippine fair x Japanese matsuri themed shows, contests, workshops and activities.

Come join us in munching on sweet Pocky treats, playing dress up, and kawaii-fying the normal.

Let's all show how wonderful a kawaii world can be!


For complete convention details, please visit www.convention.kawaii.ph. ^_^

Important Announcements

KIN-exhibitor sq

 Exhibitor Application for Food and Non-Food ☆

The deadline of exhibitor / booth applications is on June 4, 2014 (Wednesday).

We will be posting the list of screened & approved exhibitors through our facebook page / website on June 5, 2014 (Thursday).


 Ticket Purchasing Guide 



Pancake Days in Harajuku for Breakfast + Shibuya de Hello Kitty Kawaii Adventure with Kuma Miki + Cat Calico Cafe in Shinjuku

Good morning from Japan! <3

For today's blog post, it's going to be another kawaii photospam of random happenings + collaborations I did last week!

Every week (or rather, day) is so eventful and I find it hard to catch up with blogging! Buttttt I will do my best to remember the details. :D

(Can I just blog with photos and without supporting captions.... ? :))) )

IMG_6166_cb IMG_6169_cb

During my free time, I de-stress myself by jotting down / unloading all these ideas from my brain. This activity is very liberating, haha!


Kyary Pamyu Pamyu on Zipper!


Saw this Hatsune Miku pillow from Family Mart!


Bought a long wig because I miss my long hair! Huhuhu

IMG_6176_cb IMG_6178_cb


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Kawaii in Hongkong: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Nanda Collection World Tour with Anne!

Hello everyone! :D

For this blog entry, I'm going to skip to the actual KPP concert we (Anne and I) attended last month in Hongkong!

I haven't edited and filtered the photos for the Hongkong trip .. yet, aaahh~ TT_TT *somebody helppppp*!

For the #rainbowholictravels (with friend, haha) HK special, you can refer to this tag for the related posts.

I've seen KPP perform for a couple of times (and even shared the runway / stage with her before because of Kawaii Leaders project).. but watching KPP with a solid fan-friend (hi Bunny Anne! haha) was more exciting and fun!

To read more about our experience, please check out our newly published article at Kawaii.PH! <3

~ Kawaii Philippines' Special Feature: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's Nanda Collection World Tour in Hongkong! ~

To fully, have a great time without the hassle, we decided not to bring and cause inconvenience to ourselves by bringing bulky cameras.

We just wanted to enjoy the whole concert! :")

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