Kawaii In Real Life (#KawaiiIRL) Segment Feature + Life Updates

Hi everyone!

If you have time this coming Friday (June 8, Japan Time), please tune in to the Kawaii International episode. I got featured in the #KawaiiIRL segment where I’ll be showing you some clips of my personal life!

NHK World TV Live Streaming
June 8 & June 22 (Fri) Japan time 9:3015:3022:30, 27:30

NHK World TV Video On Demand

Miss the Live Streaming broadcast? No problem! Check out the episode in the Video On Demand “Video Archive”
Available from June 9 (Sat) for 1 year
Other updates so far . . . .

VIDEO: Hobonichi Techo With Me | Pretty Hydrangeas / Ajisai Washi Tape ( ほぼ日手帳 ) | Rainbowholic 💜

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Kawaii Photospam + #Createspaces Feature + Other Life Updates

Hi everyone!

It feels like I haven’t blogged for a very long time. *_* Recently, offline life has been sooooo busy! Been working on some OurKawaii.Tokyo side projects, managing Japan Lover Me Store (/side note/ I’M SO HAPPY that Japanese Sukajan / Souvenir Jackets are getting known more & more..!), and a lot more! Can’t spill everything yet but ahhh, everything is just so exciting! *_*

Took sooo many photos for the past weeks and I’ve got 10,000+ photos already in my Camera Roll folder. ;_; HELP

Anyway, since I missed sharing / spamming you folks with my kawaii finds…. here is a kawaii post~!


This corner was literally calling my attention to be photographed. Village Vanguard, I really love you.


If you’re curious about what I do (80% of the time when it’s a weekday / work day here in Japan hehe), this “#Createspaces” interview by Pam will answer all my FAQs! 🙂

[ Createspaces #13: Where kawaii meets Kaila Ocampo ]

Many thanks to Justin for some of the photos 🙂


Strolling around the neighborhood ~


Lagrace Mart’s super kawaii pastel platforms caught my eye! This one is located at Shibuya 109.


Love how everything matches together!

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Rainbowholic Interview by SuperCuteKawaii.com

Hello all!

I think I’ve forgotten to blog or post about this but my interview by Super Cute Kawaii is already out! ;_;

I remember restarting my “kawaii lifestyle blog” years ago and stumbling upon SCK (I was googling for “kawaii blogs”) and I never thought that this day would happen. Wow! :O

super cute kawaii - kaila rainbowholic

I really put my heart into answering all the questions and I hope that you guys could spare some time to read my passion over cute culture. ^_^

The interview link is here!

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 8.02.36 PM


10 Random Things That Happened Recently / Currently On My Mind

  1. I’ve become sooo busy handling orders and taking photos for Japan Lover Me Store! I’m so happy that our year-long effort in building our e-commerce website is finally kicking off!
  2. Watching videos about entrepreneurship and success stories has been my favorite “break time” since last week. I don’t know why I’ve gotten so inspired. I’m already 25 and I really hope I will have enough time to build my own “empire” (lol, what a big dreamer) before I turn 30! Call me ambitious.. but this is really just me, haha.
  3. I miss going to our nearby onsen, huhu. TIME WHERE U ;_;
  4. I can’t wait for all the trips I will be having this Spring / Summer! So much excitement!
  5. On the other hand, I think I need to minimize my weekend outings. I have to miss out in order to save up. I’m not sure if this is ~*maturity*~ but I am aiming to incur expenses only if these are investments.
  6. Omg, why do I sound like I’m so workaholic?? Or.. am I? I’m in denial??
  7. KAWAII MARKET 2016. Coming soon.
  8. OurKawaii.Tokyo Book Deadlinesssss omg
  9. I really want to start watching Cheese in the Trap Korean drama soon. Again, TIME WHERE U??
  10. I’m excited to run again tomorrow morning! (Is this me?!)

My brain is so scattered lol.

Have a great week, friends!

<3, カイラ