Ichigo Daifuku Class by MCK Studio + My Gambatteru Family in Japan✨

Hello everyone~!

I just want to share these photos taken by Justin during our Japanese wagashi (Ichigo Daifuku) class last week! Finally found an opportunity to blog about Mimiclaire’s Kitchen Studio by Claire Ocampo.

To those who do not know yet, my talented sister-in-law Claire currently teaches at her own kitchen studio here in Saitama . Last year, she won first place in a national cooking contest organized by Japan Soysauce Association with her very own Adobo creation (read: Japan Times feature). My good friend Justin (who also works for JLM Store like me, Gil and Anne) is also collaborating with her as her kitchen partner / co-instructor. They work together as Chef – Food Photographer tandem. Justin got featured in Entrepreneur Philippines website last year and you can read about his passion for photography here.

I just realized that I haven’t really shared about this other business that we have on my blog (always sukajan / souvenir jacket, haha).. so here you go! 🙂

I’m just really proud that everyone in the family is “gambatteru” (always doing his/her best) & we are all achievers in life & work.

Whenever I mention “family” here in Japan, I don’t only mean about my older brother, his family & my cousin. I’m also pertaining to my friends turned family here (hi Anne & Justin!)

We all work together with different skills / talents but we all have the same & respective goals and dreams. ^_^

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With the ever-growing popularity of the Japanese Cuisine all over the world, many visitors to Japan have become eager to try out Japanese Cooking classes as one of the best ways to enjoy the local culture and experience the wonders of Japan’s food culture first-hand. Apart from the usual routine of visiting stereotype tourist spots and famous places around Tokyo, another way of getting deeper insights into Japan’s fascinating culture is to foster some local camaraderie with people who also share this Japan love. Mimiclaire’s Kitchen Studio is born out of this passion to share the love towards Japan’s food culture – carefully mixed with some Asian and Filipino food cultural perspectives and approach to cooking and making great food. Read more.

Daifukumochi (大福餅), or Daifuku (大福) (literally “great luck”), is a Japanese confection consisting of a small round mochi (glutinous rice cake) stuffed with sweet filling, most commonly anko, sweetened red bean paste made from azuki beans. (source)

It was my first time to make ichigo daifuku and it was so much fun! It was also Anne‘s first time! 😉

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Sumikko Gurashi x KIT BOX Kotobukiya Cafe ☕ + IKEA Japan! 🇯🇵

Hi all!

I know that this is so way overdue already but I just have to share all these kawaii photos when Jeremee and I went to Tachikawa for Sumikko Gurashi Cafe!



To those who are interested in going, it will be up until September 29, 2016!

Click here for the Google Maps page.


Went there at around 1PM. Thought we were already early but we were given tickets for the 4PM slot instead. If you are planning to visit, make sure to get your “ticket reservations” first from the staff.



More kawaii cafe photos below! Keep scrolling! ^^


Visited IKEA with Jeremee to kill time. We had so much fun!

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Arigato Japan’s Sushi Workshop + Night Food Tour at Yurakucho

Hi all!

Finally got to blog about my fun Saturday last week! Many thanks to Arigato Japan team for inviting Japan Lover Me team!

If you are visiting Tokyo and you’d like to experience something unique, I personally recommend Arigato Japan’s workshops & food tours. I got to know about this company because of Jamie, who is also working for Arigato Japan.

(Disclosure: I was not paid to post / promote them but they let us experience everything for free. ^^)

DSCF8115 arigato japan flower sushi food tour

I’ve been wanting to know how to make these kawaii maki rolls.. and finally, I understood the concept! Lololol

DSCF8116 arigato japan flower sushi food tour

Flower sushi / maki & my temari sushi rolls!

DSCF8118 arigato japan flower sushi food tour

With Justin & Kat!

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The Perfect Cloud Skirt for Rainbowholic + End of January

Good evening from Japan~

And long time no #OOTD post! *_* Wow, it’s been so longgg since I posted a fashion-related blog entry!

This is definitely something refreshing~ don’t you think? Hehe!


For today, I am going to review this handmade cloud skirt by a hardworking Etsy seller from Greece, Nimi!

Just want to include some extra info about the kawaii shop owner because I think that Nimi is adorable like her name, hehe!


From her “About Me” page ~

I am the girl who makes everything you see. The master and servant! I love colors and Japanese crazy street styles!!
I come from Athens , but since when I was very young, I always had an interest on other cultures too. I believe in positive energy, freedom, sincerity, dignity ,power of humour and..in happy immaturity! Staying young in mind!
My beloved shop shouts for a colorful and dreamy side of life .
From a forest fairy…to a Harajuku girl, looking for girls with humour and imagination….
Is that you?


Thank you for choosing me Nimi! ^^


This was custom-made for my size and I was so SURPRISED when I got the mail a week later (or so) after I gave her my dimensions. And the package came in perfect condition, as you can see! ^^ I kept the stamps because I collect stamps from other countries, hehe ~

I told Nimi that at the moment, it is still winter-ish in Japan (but signs of Spring are showing, yay!) so my coordinate would be winter-style. But I guess my styling powers today opted for a Spring look!

I’m planing to wear this skirt again when I meet some friends this coming weekend! So excited, yay! <3


Sky on my skirt = perfection


Obviously, this is a work of love! I love the ribbon part at the back as well! : )

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