How to Make a Japanese Cooking Party | Villeroy & Boch ?

Hi everybody!

For today’s lengthy blog post, I will be teaching you guys how to make a delicious & healthy Japanese-style spaghetti (“Wafu Pasta”)! Yay!

I know that many of you guys are surprised by this sudden cooking tutorial category on my blog (never thought I’d make one as well, lol) but it was just soooo timely because when the Villeroy & Boch team reached out to me to work together for the #vbclassics worldwide campaign, Aki & I were already conceptualizing on simple yet fun Japanese cooking videos for my youtube channel. The blogger challenge / task was: From old to new – style up your traditional table look by mix and matching old and new pieces from V&B! And you know me, I love challenges! ^^

Between the two of us, he cooks more than I usually do. I can only cook very basic meals that only I can eat for survival purposes.. seriously, haha! I even learned how to level up my pasta game after our mini cooking party session! :))

The star of this blog post is my very generous sponsor Villeroy & Boch. At first, I had to google how to pronounce the brand name and omg lol, it does really sound super sophisticated. I even watched a video to know a little bit of history about this brand (where it originated, started at year 1748, etcetera). It was so funny & coincidental because this is also the brand that Aki’s mom is using at their house (especially the glasses from the Old Luxembourg series, one of the oldest décors made by Villeroy & Boch). His mom told me that the set was gifted to her and I think that this may be a popular brand for tableware here in Japan.

When I’m in the mood for some food x self-care activity (hobonichi time!), I arrange food bought from a local grocery & recreate a cafe-style ambience in my little Japanese apartment. This is probably the only instagrammable corner at the moment, haha! Woops.


Villeroy & Boch Website | Instagram | Facebook | Youtube

During the shooting day, Riria-chan (his niece) and Papi (their cute dog) stayed with us for our double-purpose mini cooking party !

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#Hobonichi With Me: June 22 – 26 + Kawaii DIY Videos!

Hi everyone!

Here’s a summary of all of my #Hobonichi With Me videos from last June 22 to June 26. Also, thank you so much for supporting Rainbowholic TV! :”)

DSCF6375 hobonichi techo kawaii diary

rainbowholic tv channel art copy

Disclaimer: Channel cover art’s illustrations were drawn based on カモ 著’s “How to Illustrate” book.


Summer vibes in my room.

rainbowholic kaila fujicolor

Film roll results ~

egg socks

White shoes + egg socks = my fave combo!

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Kaila Sensei: Blogging How-To’s, Geeky Tutorials and Kawaii Life Hacks

Hi all!

I am finally launching one of my biggest personal projects of all time: KAILA-SENSEI.COM!! *cue tears*


This blog site is filled with simple how-to’s, geeky tutorials & kawaii life hacks by yours truly for your self-improvement and development of your kawaii lifestyle.

It contains various topics about blogging, web design and even e-commerce; all from the basics I will gladly teach you to turn your passion into your life-long career with a cute twist!

All successful icons today started from scratch, and so can you! I will do my best to inspire you to achieve your goals, fulfill your dreams, and make a noise in your chosen career by creating your own personal brand.

I aim to motivate you through this blog for this is my own way to reach out to you and to give you my support in making your dreams come true. All you need to have is willingness in your heart to learn and have faith in yourself that you know you can do it.

I believe in you can rock the world even with that giant red bow! : )

Let’s learn simply, plan creatively and work flexibly as we enjoy, excite and stay awesome.

Many thanks to Keeshia for creating this logo & Marielle of Komorebi Diaries for all the help!

With love, 


How To Take Nice Instagram Photos by Kaila

 Hello friends! For today’s post, I will teach you how to take nice instragrammable photos. I actually got this idea from Grace (one of my readers) because she asked me about how I edit / take my photos for this blog.

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 6.16.58 PM

I actually wrote a tutorial way, way back (2011) about photography as well. Here’s the link: Compact Camera Cheat: Photography without a DSLR : )

I’ll write another comprehensive blog entry about all the FAQs about my photography equipment (from digital camera to DSLR).

Random trivia: Did you know that I used to dream about becoming a professional photographer? I was so into learning photography during my teenage years. But I began to love storytelling through my blog instead (using lots of bandwidth-hungry photos haha). And for many years, I make sure that my images / visuals are effective and creative at the same time. I hope they are! Hehe : )


DISCLAIMER: This tutorial is not about getting instagram followers.

I’ll just simply teach you some basics of art direction / prop styling & taking “nice” photos using your iPhone / mobile phone.

I’ll also tackle the following: How to add filters / edit your photos & how to compose your subject(s) well. : )


 BTS mode : )


First, you must enable the “GRID” function of your phone’s photography settings.

To those who are curious, I’ve been using iPhone 5 for almost 2 years and just recently, I got an iPhone 6 Plus (mainly for work). This is actually optional, but the grid is so helpful for me! : )


I always make sure that I take photos using natural light.. because it is the BEST light source. I used to take no-brainer instagram photos with random shadows & highlights everywhere… but now, I’ve committed myself to only upload instagram photos that I can be proud of, haha. Is this maturity or my OCD? Just kidding : )) I cannot have OCD because I’m a messy yet organized contradiction rolled into one person, haha.

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