Kawaii Hobonichi & Midori Traveler’s Notebook Dump ❤️️

Hi everyone!

おはよう from Japan!

Here’s a photo dump of my previous Hobonichi & Midori spreads! : ) Will post the more recent ones soon~

Hobonichi With Me | NYE in Japan + Birthday Month! 💕

2016 Journal Summary | Hobonichi + Midori + #ABCDailyJournal 🌈

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Midori With Me: Summer Trip in Hokkaido 2015 (Throwback Journaling)

Hi everybody!

I’m finally done with my Hokkaido 2015 trip diary pages! After doing this, I think that I will be creating more throwback journaling content in the future! Sooo fun! 🙂


Just uploaded my longest journaling #WIP / timelapse video ever on youtube!

~ Midori Traveler’s Notebook (ミドリトラベラーズノート) THROWBACK Journaling #01 ~



Planning to make a 2016 blog special summary using a Midori notebook! Do watch out for that 😉

Stickers from The ABC’s of Journaling + STICK ‘EM UP sticker book!

Both are also available at ABC’s shop / major bookstores in the Philippines.


Other Midori-related videos:

Midori Traveler’s Notebook (ミドリトラベラーズノート) Haul + Setup 2016! 💙

Midori Traveler’s Notebook (ミドリトラベラーズノート) FREESTYLE Journaling #01

✏️ Hobonichi With Kaila & #Midori With Allie 🌸 (ほぼ日手帳 + ミドリ)


Thank you Allie & Abbey for influencing me to get the entire midori traveler’s notebook.. or not? :))

My friends are bad influence… haha! Just kidding ~

Thank you girls for the constant inspiration! 🙂


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