Kawaii D.I.Y. with Sophie and Toffee!

Before I went back to Manila weeks ago, Sophie and Toffee sent me a kawaii craft package full of rainbows and everything colorful!

I wanted to create something different using the kawaii cabochons..

.. so I thought.. why not make rainbow brooch accessories? <3


As I have mentioned  before, I will be putting up the first “pop-up” booth of Rainbowholic Cafe in Kawaii in Manila 2.. I really want to give my booth a personal touch with my own creations… so there, DIY-ing everything sounds like a solution!

Since my menu card (price list for the stuff I will be selling) is still not ready, let’s have Jenni’s Sakura drawing model the photo frame for us, haha!

But before that, let me give you my own suggestions on how to use the cutest cabochons!

Kawaii Brooch Pins

I just laid out everything on my bed, hehe~

I got this simple white bow brooch from Kaye (my co-sensei from Kawaii D.I.Y.).. before. <3

Before I got this heart glued on the bow, I got my fingers glued first lololol #kailaproblems

Yay! Now, it’s more kawaiiii! <3

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Giant Cheer Bear + My Pink Aegis Gundam

Just a random blog entry of Kaila photos + my love for smiling characters.

I am turning 23 in a few weeks and I still have loads of plushies on my bed… #sorrynotsorry :))

NO JUDGING, please!! Thank you, hahaha!


*jumps into the pool of smiles*


Scored this huge Cheer Bear from our ToyCon event a week ago!! IMPULSE BUY OF THE MONTH TT_TT


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Everyday Cuteness + KPP “Nanda Collection” Album Launch Preview + TOYS!

Hello~ hello!!! :heart:  Good afternoon from Manila!  :happy:

Here’s a kawaii spam featuring my everyday life~

It’s been quite stressful honestly … but I’m really enjoying everything right now. :”)

Last week or so, my quite new Macbook Pro (love of my life / dream laptop ;_;) had an accident ;____;


For some reason, bad luck was just in the corner.. and the left photo happened ;_;

Weirdly, I didn’t cry (I wanted to, but no tears were coming out huhuhuhu)! The first thing that I thought of was.. “MY WORKKKKKKKKKK!” *_*

Luckily, iPhone is pretty cool because I can still multitask / post updates! My twin ChiChi took over my work while I prayed over my laptop for 3 days or so haha :))

I’ve been a Mac user for so many years (from 3rd year college??) and it’s true that once you go mac.. you’ll never go back (to windows / pc!) ;_;

Good thing my mom lent me her (pretty much unused) pink Vaio laptop for the meantime. It was hard because my internet connection is crazy slow + I’m not used to windows + the laptop is slowwww too ;__; The past week really taught me how to be patient & extremely resourceful!

Super ironic photo.. I took this a few days ago (and added all those purikura haha) because I’m really enjoying doing this kind of work with my laptop ;_; #workaholic

Right now, I’m still at a loss why such thing would happen in a VERY IMPORTANT time. But I ain’t going to mull over it longer when I have a million things yet to accomplish!

After all the much much much worse things that happened to me in the past, I learned how to “get over sad things” easily. Actually, I’m quite proud of myself (lololol self-praise) because I think I acted quite “mature” about it. I didn’t sulk that much + I didn’t panic! I didn’t punish myself (like saying “stupid Kaila stupid Kaila x 100”) with negativity but instead, I brought out all my back-up plans and my optimism didn’t waiver that much~ ^_^

One of the things that I learned from my brother after all the “work training” I got from him: Don’t focus on what happened / the problem.. focus on how to solve it / how to be back on track!

When you’ve experienced so many shitty things in the past, you’d really learn how to change your attitude over not-so-happy things! 😀

– end of reflection paper lolololol –

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The Last of the Tokyo Adventure + Yummy Kawaii Photospam .. and MORE!

YOSH! やった! I did it! I was able to squeeze in editing photos + our funny adventure video during work!!  This entry is week-long overdue already..  :ohnoes:

In case you are lost, kindly read (more like “view” haha) the entries below:

First  :heart: Second

Sorry for eating up your internet connection *_* I just love sharing tons of photos in one entry. If it’s photospam, it’s definitely Rainbowholic blogging style hahaha.


These were my two adventure buddies for the Tokyo trip!

If you have time to spare, please do watch the video I made below.  :pink:

Sorry if my craziness  kind of shocked you.. that’s me being real. :))

My brother and I used to fight a lot when were kids. I guess it’s because of our being the “youngest” nature.. even though we are 6 years apart. *_*

Thank you mommy for the baby-face genes. Haha! My brother looks as if he’s of the same age with me. Or younger? : ))


Worth Sharing

Here are some random stuff that I received / bought / saw this week. Couldn’t think of a proper heading title to categorize this part :O


A few weeks ago, Anggyさん, the creator of Enji, sent me some items. I shared a photo on facebook featuring one of the earrings and people loved it!  :yay:

I finally got the photos from my disposable film camera from Tokyo Disneyland developed! Some came out pretty nice!


With Leen and Duffy!


Left: my super cute / getting-heavier-by-the-day niece Chisa! LOOK AT THE CHEEKS OH MY GOLLY

Right: Leftover Rilakkuma カステラ from my date with Lele ^^v

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