Learn Japanese Online with Cafetalk! ☕

Hi everybody!

Today, I’m going to share something that you guys might be interested in!

If you are someone who wants to practice his/her Japanese conversational skills and it’s hard for you to find a really good / fun / professional teacher online, then Cafetalk might be something that you’d want to check out. You can also learn other languages / subjects in this platform!

Just to disclose, Cafetalk actually sponsored me to make this post. I don’t recommend any service / company until I have tried out the service many times. They gave me 4 tickets to try and I was able to have 3 lessons in 2 weeks! My goal with Cafetalk is for me to be able to practice my current Nihongo speaking skills (as it has becoming rusty again due to lack of practice) and to ask help and advice from my tutor when it comes to writing my journal in Japanese.

You’d be surprise to know about this because of the fact that I live in Japan (that I should be fluent by then, huhu) and the fact that all of my work places require me to speak in English (in my English school, cannot say any word in Nihongo.. even ね!haha) and Filipino… it’s hard to practice my Nihongo on a regular basis. Talking to the cashier does not count, haha! When I go home and create content, I communicate with you all in English when I write. I have a Japanese boyfriend .. but our main language is English. My English really leveled up here in Japan, instead of Nihongo… I am probably making excuses (lol) but anyway, I thought that I should still push myself in mastering this third language even if I get 1000x busy.

Say hello to Miki Sensei, haha!

My aim for this blog entry is to inspire you to learn Japanese / any language / anything.. online!

.. and here are the many things that you can learn using Cafetalk.

Me is shookt haha they have fortune telling?! :O Anyway.. so here is what happened during my lessons first. I’ll show you guys the entire lesson flow when you scroll down much farther, haha.

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Unicorn & Kawaii Food Squishies from SQUISHY KIOSK + Giveaway! 🦄

Hi all!

I’m very excited to share this post with you because it’s all about these ふわふわ SQUISHIES! Fuwa fuwa means fluffy in Japanese.

Also just to put it out there, I’m fully aware that I’m a 27 yr. old grown woman / adult.. hahaha. I just happen to really love all things kawaii so I don’t mind sharing my child-like hobbies. One of those ~child-like~ hobbies is collecting (hoarding?? lol) kawaii squishies! Click here to view my post before about my squishie haul, haha~!

So when SQUISHY KIOSK emailed me about sending a box of squishies to me, how could I say no?? Haha!

When I first visited their website, I got SHOOKT. The unicorn squishy that I’ve been seeing all over instagram (I do search and explore the #squishy hashtag when I have free time lol).. the rainbowholic in me got so excited!!

SQUISHY KIOSK Store | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

The JP post guy tried his best to send it to my place but I couldn’t get the right timing twice (my work has been crazy these weeks). I decided to have it picked up at our city’s post office (there are many ways to have your package redelivered in Japan ^^). That was me being a dedicated squishy lover.

I decided to add the squishies in one of my Hobonichi With Me videos for more ~kawaii visuals~ lol.

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How to Make a Japanese Cooking Party | Villeroy & Boch ?

Hi everybody!

For today’s lengthy blog post, I will be teaching you guys how to make a delicious & healthy Japanese-style spaghetti (“Wafu Pasta”)! Yay!

I know that many of you guys are surprised by this sudden cooking tutorial category on my blog (never thought I’d make one as well, lol) but it was just soooo timely because when the Villeroy & Boch team reached out to me to work together for the #vbclassics worldwide campaign, Aki & I were already conceptualizing on simple yet fun Japanese cooking videos for my youtube channel. The blogger challenge / task was: From old to new – style up your traditional table look by mix and matching old and new pieces from V&B! And you know me, I love challenges! ^^

Between the two of us, he cooks more than I usually do. I can only cook very basic meals that only I can eat for survival purposes.. seriously, haha! I even learned how to level up my pasta game after our mini cooking party session! :))

The star of this blog post is my very generous sponsor Villeroy & Boch. At first, I had to google how to pronounce the brand name and omg lol, it does really sound super sophisticated. I even watched a video to know a little bit of history about this brand (where it originated, started at year 1748, etcetera). It was so funny & coincidental because this is also the brand that Aki’s mom is using at their house (especially the glasses from the Old Luxembourg series, one of the oldest décors made by Villeroy & Boch). His mom told me that the set was gifted to her and I think that this may be a popular brand for tableware here in Japan.

When I’m in the mood for some food x self-care activity (hobonichi time!), I arrange food bought from a local grocery & recreate a cafe-style ambience in my little Japanese apartment. This is probably the only instagrammable corner at the moment, haha! Woops.


Villeroy & Boch Website | Instagram | Facebook | Youtube

During the shooting day, Riria-chan (his niece) and Papi (their cute dog) stayed with us for our double-purpose mini cooking party !

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Kawaii Box Giveaway + Hobonichi With Me ?

Hi everyone!

I’m back with another Kawaii Box review + giveaway on the blog!


I was so excited to open my own box that I just had to film everything first~!

Here’s the video that I just uploaded earlier this morning on rainbowholic.tv ~

KAWAII BOX Unboxing + Hobonichi With Me ?


My Kawaii Box actually arrived quicker than I expected it to be ~


Kawaii Box Review 1 | Kawaii Box Review 2 | Kawaii Box Review 3

( Extra: Japan Candy Box )


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