My Tokyo Favorite: Karel Capek Tea Shop in Kichijoji 🍵

Hi everybody!

Just sharing some Tokyo travel info. If you are planning to visit Kichijoji for Inokashira Park, Paper Message, and Hattiffnatt Cafe (Storybook Style) and other famous places.. you might as well pass by Karel Capek tea shop!

They have other branches in Tachikawa, Jiyugaoka, and even Shinjuku. I feel that Kichijoji might be the cutest one, haha!

Recommended: Karel Capek softcream with cute “Buzzy-chan” packaging.

I took home the label of course, haha!

Karel Capek Teas & Packing Tapes (international shipping)

Karel Capek Kichijoji Branch (11AM – 8PM)

〒180-0004 東京都武蔵野市吉祥寺本町2丁目17−5

Karel Capek, 2 Chome-17-5 Kichijoji Honcho, Musashino, Tokyo 180-0004

Google Maps | Official Website ]

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Last Day at Nara 🦌 + My Japan Travel Guides 🇯🇵

Hi guys!

Cannot believe that I am finally writing / drafting the last post for 9 Days Japan Backpacking Trip! It was such an adventure for us last year and so many memories / travel info that I wanted to share.

During our last full day in Kansai region, we went to Nara from Osaka. I’ve been visiting Kyoto for many times during my 8/9-year stay here in Japan but I never had the chance to take a day trip from Kyoto to Nara. So glad that I was able to cross that out from my #japanbucketlist, haha.

Took the train from Osaka to Nara.

Met one of the official mascots of Nara, lol.

To be honest, I was a little bit confused about the fact how “Sento-kun” (the one I am holding hands with in the photo lol) was approved as a character design haha. I was thinking if this actually angered some religious people lol.. but anyway, looks like it was OK-ed, haha!

As always, cannot just get out of the train station without searching for the stamps haha.

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The Spooky Airbnb Apartment 👻 + Tamade Supermarket in Osaka 🍣

Hi everybody!

This blog entry is a continuation of my Osaka travel photo diary.

As I have mentioned, Aki and I stayed at this old apartment room that we booked via airbnb. The listing is not available anymore but it was located at Nishinari-ku.

I felt like I was in a different era, haha.

Drip coffee as always haha

Quick journaling time before we headed out~

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The Beautiful Osaka Castle + Japan Travel Photo Diary 🏯

Hi everybody!

I am currently on a mission to complete all of my Japan travel backlog. I’m starting this year with my third to the last entry for the 9 Days Japan Backpacking series.

I have finished editing all of the photos and I am now just writing down all the captions (and trying to recollect some stories in my brain lol).

Hope you guys will enjoy the rest of the backpacking blog entry series!

Didn’t expect this pretty manhole to show up. Had to take that shoe-fie snap, haha!

Getting our breakfast at St. Marc Cafe before traveling to Osaka from Kyoto. To give you a refresher, we did stay at a capsule hotel!

Of course, train stamps~

First time to try Takoyaki in Osaka. For some reason, I still prefer Gindaco more over any Takoyaki restaurant haha

Tooo many people lol

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