Where To Rent Kimono In Tokyo 👘 + Sakura Hobonichi! 🌸

Hi everyone!

Finally had some time to blog about this~! I’m so happy, yaaaay!

If you haven’t watched it yet, I uploaded this Hobonichi With Me video last week I think.

Hobonichi With Me | Tokyo Kimono Rental + Sakura x Starbucks Japan 👘 🌸

If you are visiting Tokyo this sakura season and you’re interested in renting a kimono, I found a great kimono rental shop that you might want to check out. I discovered this on my own while asking google for help so.. to those who are wondering, this is not a sponsored post. Haha!

Before I write about my experience, let me share these photos of the matcha parfait from Denny’s before Lirei & I went on a kimono date.


okay let’s move on now lol

I booked through their website to reserve the day before. I’m not really sure if walk-in visits are allowed but I think that the shop gets really busy so it’s best to reserve online so you can get your preferred time.

My friend and I availed the Standard Kimono Plan and Standard Hairdo.

Standard Kimono Plan = 3500 -> 2900 (discounted)

Standard Hairdo = 900

All in all, Lirei & I just paid 3800 JPY each. What a reasonable price for an excellent service! I suggest that you also try getting your hair professionally done. : )

If you buy a kimono set and all, it costs a LOT so renting is always the more affordable option. 😉

(though I’d love to own my own kimono set one day, haha. gambarimasu lol)

Kyoto Kimono Rental Wargo Access Guide (Tokyo Sensoji Branch)

They also have photography services and other cool stuff so just roam around their website for more info 🙂

If you are going to Kyoto too, they have many kimono rental shops available. I haven’t tried their services in Kyoto yet though.

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An Unforgettable Miyagi Zao Fox Village Adventure with Aileen! 🇯🇵

Hi everyone!

Last week, my friend Aileen and I went to Zao Fox Village in Miyagi Prefecture. It was around 2-3 hrs. worth of commute from Ueno and it was super worth it!

I was actually feeling quite hesitant to go with our original plan because there was an earthquake in Fukushima again 2 days before the trip (where we had to stop by and change trains)….  but we still went for it! I’m just so glad that I was able to spend such a lovely day with the foxes with Aileen. I super love her and her blog and she is really one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to taking risks and pursuing a life filled with colorful travels. She is one of the BEST travel bloggers out there & I’m pretty sure you’d agree with me if you’re also a follower of her blog. Her blog is just sooo packed with useful & summarized travel information (+ other info like how to start a blog, how to earn online, etc.). So please, do give her lots of (blog) love because she deserves it! 🙂

Now, let’s get on with the cute fox photos! Haha ~


I could not stop taking photos!!


Look how excited and happy I was hahaha



Miyagi Zao Fox Village (宮城蔵王キツネ村) + Hobonichi With Me (ほぼ日手帳) 


Zao Fox Village Website | Access Guide in English | Google Maps


It was such a special day because it actually snowed.. and it was NOVEMBER. Autumn x Winter combination was so BEAUTIFUL!

(though you gotta admit, it’s really climate change.. >_<)


A photo of sleeping fox is enough to get through the day, haha!

Anyway …


Let’s start with the fun day narration, shall we? 😉


So Aileen and I met up at Ueno station at around 6AM. Since she had Japan Rail Pass (which I highly recommend every JP tourist  to get one especially if she / he likes to go on day trips outside Tokyo often), she didn’t have to pay for the shinkansen (bullet train). For one ride, I paid around 9,000+ in total. My total transpo spending for the entire trip was around 22,000 JPY.

When we got there, we just took the taxi / cab and split the fare between two. It was around 3,870 JPY (one ride) I think.


For navigation, I recommend using Hyperdia.com or Google Maps.



We just slept and took a rest during the entire trip ~

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Fiery Red Paradise of Kochia at Hitachi Seaside Park, Ibaraki Prefecture

Hi everyone!

Last Tuesday, I took a day off from work and had a solo trip to Ibaraki for the second time. My first time was when I went to see the stunning Nemophila flowers last Spring! Thanks to my friend Ashley for giving me advice about the best time to visit this magical place.

If you’ve been following my blog since last year, you would know how much I love nature and flower parks. I’m really motivated to save up so I could travel more around my favorite country. My goal is to visit all prefectures here in Japan! :”) *wish me luck!!*

For now, let me take you on a journey from Ueno to Ibaraki!


Hobonichi With Me – Fiery Red KOCHIA (コチア) at Hitachi Seaside Park (国立ひたち海浜公園)


More photos as you scroll down below ~





Goal next summer 2017: see the green kochia!

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Kawaii Journaling 101💡+ Where To Buy Kawaii Stationery in Japan 💸

Hi all!

Since I often get questions about my journaling style / habit, I thought that it might be the best to answer everything in one blog post. ♥


Here’s a preview of things that I use when I journal.

Stickers, pens, sticky notes.. and more. You don’t need an expensive notebook / planner / journal for journaling.

And remember, there are no rules! 😉 You just have to ENJOY!


Keep on scrolling because I will be giving some tips and names of places where you can buy stationery goods here in Tokyo / Japan.


1/3 of my washi collection


I bought my first hobonichi diary last Spring when my friend Abbey & I visited LoFT Shibuya. To those who are curious, my hobonichi techo size is A6 (postcard size). It’s the perfect size for me.

If you want to buy online, go to hobonichiplanner.net. They ship worldwide. ^^

Click the video below to watch a flip-through video of my spreads ~

Kawaii Journal Introduction Video ♥


In case you missed this, here are my Hobonichi Diary Summaries from before.

(Also, thanks Justin for taking these photos for me!)


To start, let me answer the question..

“Why do you journal?”

Well, I keep a journal for many reasons.

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