The Rainbowholic Contest (Season 2)

(as drawn by LittleMissPaintBrush)

Goodies to be shipped from Japan <3

Uniqlo’s Official BIGBANG SHOW Shirt (Size S but it feels like free-size)

These were unclaimed (because the girl did not email me) in my tumblr giveaway contest so I’m giving these away again!

Pretty Simple Mechanics (copy-pasted from season 1)

  1. Fill up the Register! form below to officially join the contest. The subject should be “Rainbowholic Contest 2“. If I didn’t reply anything, you haven’t (officially) been registered yet. Also, you can only register one (1) website. I should reply to confirm your registration. If I haven’t, let me know by filling up the form again.
  2. After getting your email, I will give you your customized referrer url (example: that you will use so that I could track the referrals accurately.
  3. To those who already joined the contest before, you can still use  the referrer url I gave. I just had the counter reseted. Please try the url first if it’s working. If it’s not, a page like this will show up. Make sure to fill up the register form too and let me know of your old customized link (check your inbox for my old replies).
  4. I don’t know how you’ll do it but you must link me using your customized link visibly on your blog / website / tumblr account. I have a referrer plugin installed in my wordpress to keep track of the referrers. The person who refers with the most number of unique hits will win the assorted Japanese goods.
  5. Aside from #4, please write about this contest too and link this page.
  6. I don’t know how you will do the site promotion (be it a blog post, a nifty sidebar link, etc.) but you can do a short write-up, use my photos (while linking back using the customized link), etc. through a blog entry.
  7. The contest will end on September 10, 2011 exactly on 12:00 am (Japan Time). (yes, wee hours of the morning)
  8. I will announce the winner through a blog update with a screenshot of the referrer plugin after the contest ends.
  9. Be creative when promoting Rainbowholic! If I am amused, I might add some extra or special goodies you would really like. You might get a cute bow (from my upcoming shop, also named Rainbowholic), a Japanese magazine, Meiji chocolates .. whatever goes. Delight me with your creativity!
  10. The most creative “promotion” through a blog post entry will win a surprise gift from me. Two winners for season 2! How do you like that?
  11. Lastly, if you’re done with the blog post / your way of promoting Rainbowholic.. kindly email me the link so I could check and take note!

P.S. Previous winners cannot join this contest. ^^

That’s all!

If you have a question about the contest, you may use the contact form below and use “Question” as the subject.



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