Rainbowholic Contest

Watch out for Rainbowholic 2012's Giveaway!

For now, proceed here. ☆

2 thoughts on “Rainbowholic Contest

  1. :heart: Hello!! I’m pretty sure someone has already told you but your contest are AWESOME! Such cute and sweet things! Ive never seen anything like that. And I’m also Soooo jealous of you, living in Japan, That’s like a dream come true! Well.. I guess I wanted to thank you for The give away (I hope I win), and to tell you you’re doing a great Job!

  2. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah :D
    can’t wait for your other giveaways :D
    there so cute and KAWAII:D
    I only join giveaways if the goodies are from Japan :D
    :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
    Arigatou for making and organizing this giveaways for us :yay:
    we’ll always support you :yay:
    can’t wait to join.I hope my Luck grows Bigger :yay: :yay:


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