Rainbowholic Contest Results

Hello everyone! Sorry for the delay of the announcement of the contest results. This week was crazy! I am way behind in our Japanese classes that’s why I didn’t have time during the weekdays.


My first online contest is definitely a HUGE success! Hugs and kisses to everyone who did their best in promoting this recently re-launched blog, Rainbowholic! If only I were rich enough, I’d send each and everyone of you a Big Bang shirt and Japanese goods! But no, I only have a box with me…

The contest was such a success for reasons:

  1. I discovered amazing blogs.
  2. I got to know who were my silent readers back in my eerie-silence days.
  3. The number of pageviews before the contest was like 1,000 something.. and now (scroll below).
  4. 45 joined! Actually, I wasn’t able to reply to those who wanted to join 2 days ago.. (sincerely sorry for not being able to reply).. next contest!
  5. Seeing everyone worked hard to promote (ex: convincing every people she/he knew to click the customized link) made me so amused!


(i suck at paragraph transitions sorry)

And now…

The winner of this box is..


+ the Big Bang Shirt and a surprise gift


celinie.PNG (600×458)

As you can see, it was a very tight competition! As mentioned in my contest mechanics, I will only consider the unique hits that were referred.



magic.PNG (444×234)asian.PNG (444×234)


yhangbongccawil.PNG (444×234)erinreina-.PNG (444×234)


Celinie is the first one to join the contest. Although she was the first one, she did not have that much referrers (according to my tracker) compared to others who also joined. But of course, hard work did pay off in the end! Amidst the tight competition, she made it! Also, congratulations to Sarinah, Cassie, Yhang and Oliver!



Actually, when I relaunched my blog about my Japan dream (and living my dream), she sent me a very touching email (“from a little girl who idolizes you”.. omg i cry). Didn’t realize that I inspired people back then… Readers like her motivate me to update my blog. :”)


And some of my favorite entries were…

From Charlene (really pretty girl btw)

Snatched this from Oliver‘s website

From Aileen! Well-written isn’t it?

This is effort! I really like this! Thank you, Sarinah!

From Priih, a new friend! She even sent me an English translation of this entry (forgot to reply I’m sorry :”( )

Come to Japan!

And my favorite…

Yhang, thank you for this! This is really creative! /TEAR


So that the results won’t be questioned:

Right click then Open Image in New Tab / Window


And a teaser for the next entry..

7 thoughts on “Rainbowholic Contest Results

  1. Thank you for hosting such a lovely contest and liking what the work I did. It means a lot <3
    And congrats to Celinie for winning (:
    Can't wait till your next contest
    Take Care (:

  2. Hello!! Just wanted to let you know. It was a pleasure to participate in the contest. Even though I have not won. I feel a bit down (Only because I’m a big chocolate freak and a Big Bang VIP for 5 years now. ), but I’m totally fine now. I’m glad someone very sweet has won the prize though! Next time, I might win. Haha.

    Since, I am still hold the two kpop (the B2ST and the $30 Kpop CD) giveaways, to have my followers visit your blog and comment to me about what they liked about your wonderful blog! I will have to still leave your link up on that for 2 more months. Plus, you deserve more followers and views! 🙂

    Also, I plan to still promote your blog. Since I love it so much! I’m making a cute banner to put on my deviantart, gaia, blogger, youtube, tumblr and facebook. 🙂 I’ll also be rebloging your pictures here and there. <3

    From the hundreds of comments I received, half of all of them said, they have bookmarked you and planned to visit you from then on. Since they love your picture and experiences! 😀

    You have inspired me to keep trying. No matter how hard life gets. Also to follow my dreams. Your experience of visiting another country is keeping my hopes up to some day visit South Korea. <3

    Thank you so much! Love your blog. Your a wonderful girl!
    Good luck here on out. 🙂

  3. @Sarinah and Cassandra: You guys are the sweetest! <3 Thank you so much for joining! It means a lot to me!

    Until the next contest then, <3

  4. OHMYGAY. ;_______________________________;

    It’s my birthday today so this is a very nice birthday gift. ;w; A very nice one indeed. :heart: I didn’t expect a lot of people to actually click the link…And I was glad that some of them were very interested with your awesome blog (lol remember, ate? XD) so I’m glad I won and I’m also glad you gained a lot of readers~ @w@

    The other entries are so purdy weee~ @w@ And and thank you again. Like, suuuuper thank you. And well, I guess you know why. XD

    I’ll eat & share the treats with my family and friends and share the shirt with my sister hohohohoho~ Thank you again, Ate Kaila! AS IN SUPER THANK YOU. :heart: More power to your blog! And I’m planning to leave the sidebar thingy in my Tumblr ’til my Tumblr actually…Dies. =))) I’d like to continue spreading the rainbowholic love hehe~

    Thank you again~ Arigatou Gozaimasu! (Yes I have been saying thank you for so many times already I’m sorry if it annoys you na.. ;___; )

  5. Oh oh and the teaser…AWW SO KAWAII~ @w@ If only I could dress-up like that in the Philippines… (Though everyone around me would just judge me or stare at me in a weird way.. OTL)

  6. thank you!! :)) that was a closed fight! OMG! congrats to celenie! no matter what, ill still visit this site! haha. thanks kaila! :))

  7. Oh poo~! I wasn’t even close :sweatdrop:
    But CONGRATS to the winner :yay: Please enjoy the various snacks for everyone else!
    Thank you Kaila, for hosting such a wonderful contest! I love your blog(:


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