Apparel Dynasty & Hip Zips Kawaii Giveaway for Rainbowholic Readers

EDIT: Hey guys, I have an unfortunate event … Tumblr has hidden all the notes so it is really impossible for me to pick the second winner. The first and second winners will be chosen from the facebook shares. I tried doing all sorts of thing with tumblr (change theme, having it reblogged again, liked the post using the same account, and contacted tumblr support). This is my first time experiencing this because of their new “no-giveaway” policy. I really apologize for that but I hope you guys would understand my situation. Thank you!

Hello Rainbowholic Readers! I have another giveaway surprise to everyone~ <3 I’m sure you girls would spazz over this!!

When I told you guys about August being the giveaway month, I wasn’t joking! I actually have two more giveaways after this…!! And these giveaways are getting better and better! I have gone broke. Hahaha, kidding! :pink:

I’m always taking note of what my readers would love / adore AND this is why I’m trying my best to collaborate with my personal favorite brands! Thank you all for the Rainbowholic support I’ve been getting lately ;__; This is how I show my sincerity on giving / paying back and it is by sharing kawaii to everyone~  :heart:

What I’m wearing: Tattoo tights from SPINNS, Hanabi skirt and bow by Kaila, Tube dress from Claire-ねえちゃん〜

(these aren’t for giveaway ^^)

Party Party Platform Pumps from Apparel Dynasty!!  I bought this last year!

I absolutely LOVE this New York-based brand so much.. PLUS PLUS PLUS I am a big fan of Acrylicana!

Kawaii Prizes~!

First Prize: Strawberry Taffy Pumps   :yay:

Second Prize: Fruit & Candy Flats  :star:

Third Prize: CMYK Bobby Pin Set, Scented Shoelaces (2 pairs) & Scented Scratch & Sniff Gumball Machine Necklace


… and …

Every prize will include four Hip Zips (random colors)!! Thank you Apparel Dynasty for generously sponsoring this giveaway  :heart:

Seriously I want everything from their online shop :”(

It’s SO EASY to join!

  1. Like Rainbowholic, Apparel Dynasty and Hip Zips on Facebook.
  2. Like & share this photo to your Facebook friends & tag Rainbowholic. (type @Rainbowholic  and the page will show up).. Make sure it is set to public!^^
  3. If you have tumblr, please reblog this post. If you have twitter, kindly tweet me @kailaroo + apparel dynasty @ApparelDynasty and tell your friends that you have joined. ☆
  4. Answer the question: “What’s your favorite prize from the three..?”
  5. Leave a comment here to officially enter the giveaway.

Please follow comment format:



Website/Tumblr: (leave this blank if you don’t have)

My favorite Apparel Dynasty prize is…


EDITED: The first & second winner will be chosen randomly from facebook shares and the third winner will be chosen from the comment list below.

Giveaway ends on August 31, 2012, JPN time.

We will be waiting for your entries, okay..? ~ ☆


125 thoughts on “Apparel Dynasty & Hip Zips Kawaii Giveaway for Rainbowholic Readers

  1. My favorite item are the Heelsssss! they are Beautiful! 🙂 <3
    Strawberry taffy pumps!


    Emily xx

  2. My favorite item is probably the pumps, but I’d be more likely to wear the flats. I love all of the colors, they’re so pretty! But of course, all of the other items are awesome and prettyful! :heart: :nod:

  3. Name: Ann O’chibi



    My favorite Apparel Dynasty prize is Strawberry Taffy Pumps :love:

    [I really hope I can win this~~ It would be my best celebrating Ramadan Eid ever]

  4. Name:Stephanie Garcia


    My favorite Apparel Dynasty prize is…fruit and candy flats :hihi:

  5. Name:Mishie Del Rosario


    Website/Tumblr: &

    My favorite Apparel Dynasty prize are the Strawberry Taffy Pumps or the Fruit and Candy flats!

    Honestly, I can only see my move to the US even become more exciting! I’m already mixing and matching outfits with those shoes for future “fashion” outfits when I get to NYC! 😀

  6. My favorite Apparel Dynasty prize is…
    The Fruit and Candy Flats! :heart:
    I totally love it, especially since I like to walk around so much these days. Hihih. Hope to win! 🙂

  7. :woww: I think the purple pumps are my favorite!! :loveheart: I love this coordinate to death by the way! :yehey:

    If I don’t win, I’m buying them anyway! 😉

    Of course, I would be so happy to win any of these wonderful :kawaii: prizes :bow:

  8. My favorite Apparel Dynasty prize is…

    Fruit & Candy flats

    :yay: O gosh! I want to win! :yay:

  9. Name:Kayla Gilmore

    Website/Tumblr: (leave this blank if you don’t have)

    My favorite Apparel Dynasty prize is…
    The Kawaii Accessories 😀
    I may be young but I really really wanna win that 😀
    I started joining giveaways since ate Gillian(a.k.a. gillianlovesweet) my cousin is winning some of your giveaways 😀
    I also wanna win that too 😀
    but I’m one of your biggest FANS EVER 😀
    We Have the Same Name but different Spelling. yours is “I” whole mine is “Y”
    since you’re 22 yrs. old 😀
    I’m just 10 see :what:
    yeah did I surprise you?
    anway.this is my 3rd giveaway that I joined :yay:
    hope I win this time 😀
    I also support ate Gillian and ate Gwyn to win too 😀
    Ate Gillian Really talks about you. And she is also dreaming to have her own pair of one of apparel dyansty’s shoes. she wants the strawberry taffy pumps which she always wanted because she really love straberries. hope she win so she could cross this out on her wishlist :yay:
    I also wanna support ate Gwyn (Ate Gillian’s younger sis).She also joined your Platform sneakers giveaway 😀 she is wanting that cause she wanna be tall like ate Gillian.(ate Gillian’s height is 5’6 I think) but I wanna wish them both luck.
    I also wanna wish myself Luck too. since this is the 3rd I join.Hope something rainbow pops and my luck is there waiting 😀

    anyways ate Kaila. I support you.I really loved everything from your blog 😀
    enjoy your stay in Japan Okay :yay:


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