Japonista Sole and Pocky Giveaway Contest Winners

Finally, here is the blog entry that (I think) many of my readers have been waiting for~!  :yay: Results for the Japonista Sole and Pocky (Facebook) Giveaway!

Picking the person with the best answer from the 66 participants was one of the most tiring things I’ve done. :tsk: I hate choosing a winner when many have good and well-thought answers! :”(

Osaka Jika Tabi from Japonista Sole

~ Dun dun dun ~

What do you love most about Japan?

“I love Japan for everything that it is. The culture, the trends, the history, the art, music, everything. I know that is really broad, so I will try to sum it up. I love Japan because it is unique and unlike any other place. It is modern, but ancient. It is reserved, yet outgoing and in your face. It values tradition, but still respects and accepts new things. And no matter what, Japan has always had the ability to take something and make it its own. Music, fashion, food, culture, trends, objects and inventions in general. They always take these things and expand upon them, but it is never repetitive, they always take these things and make their own mark, make it their own while still keeping the original essence of it. You know what this thing (or style, show, food, etc.) is, but you definitely know that it came from Japan.” – Kelsey Lynn


I actually have a lot of favorite answers from the others but Kelsey’s answer was the best for me. She’s 100% correct about Japan being modern and ancient at the same time.. I mean, I see women or obaa-chan wearing beautiful kimonos when riding the most advanced trains in Japan. It’s like past cultures jived in together with the most advanced technology / modern world.

Actually, if you analyze Japanese fashion in another way, you will realize that Japanese is also heavily influenced by the Western culture (Lolita fashion would be a great example) but only the Japanese can think so creatively to make it as part of their subcultures. They are partly influenced by other countries but they have this secret magic to make it look cute and wearable.. something like that. ^^

Anyway, thank you for submitting a great answer, Kelsey! Omedetou gozaimasu! (Please mail me with your chosen pop Jika tabi)


Nara Jika Tabi winner

 Based on the shares from the fourth Jika Tabi (Nara Jika Tabi)~

I copy-pasted all the shares on excel then had a random cell chosen from the 337 cells.

Congratulations Channelle Calleja!!

Pocky Giveaway Winner

Because I love my readers so much, I thought of sharing the unique flavors of Pocky I found from ministop <3

Pocky goodness that were at stake.

Congratulations Bianca Talens Arriola for winning this Pocky loot bag~


Thank you for joining everyone~!

To the winners, kindly email me at the.rainbowholic at gmail.com with your complete name, contact details and address!

Please keep posted @ Rainbowholic’s facebook page for more giveaways!


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