No Longer Dreamers

Hello everyone!


Sorry for the delay of the announcement of winners. We had a hard time picking!  😥

First of all, this dream website giveaway contest would not be possible without the sponsors!  😎

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Thank you so much! I cannot believe an idea I had for a contest while walking home from school actually came to reality. Thank you, Neotitans and!


I made the decision + randomly picked a number via right after the deadline! Some people who entered are also my friends but my decision is 100% unbiased and objective. The only criterion for picking the 2 winners was based on how interesting their comment / answer to the question. Ala Miss Universe style! Haha.



For the first winner, I personally chose Mishie.


I think the problem with me is that I want to accomplish so many things in my life and I am not willing to compromise the existence of one for the blossoming of the other. I want to draw, write, make videos, write about my life, talk to people, fangirl–everything. All of these things make me who I am and are part of how I function.

That being said, it would be lovely to be able to have and house all of those passions and those different parts of me into a singular place that would eventually be the ME of the Internet, where people can find out who I am and where I can be free to express myself in one place. This place, the domain, is where I can be whole-y me and not just parts of who I am.

I’ve struggled for years to create that place for myself, but I’m afraid that my time for figuring things out for myself has passed and, more than ever (as I enter the cut-throat world of The Newly Graduated), I need my entire presence to be made known in the internet.

I would like to be able to display my blog, my tweets, my work, my art, my business and my videos (it is a sort-of-kinda-not-so-secret-secret that I make video blogs on YouTube) to the world and I can somehow put some order in my already too chaotic world. I want to find and have this place so that one day when I’m older my own family and children can look at it and know my passions and ME first hand.

Many people want some sort of place on the internet to market themselves, I just want this place, not just for that, but also so that I could just BE–without the further complications of the Internet. Something simple but vast, minimalistic but multi-faceted–as that is who I am.

I can wish all I want but it takes skill to make it come to life. I’m hoping with this, I can be leant the skill and taught the essentials by those that know best (aka Kaila).

: )

Here’s to hoping!


Congratulations, Mishie! And for some coincidental reason, she drew a Rainbowholic My Little Pony for me! I tried to keep my mouth shut (wanted to tell her days ago that she won this contest) and I did! I wanted to email everyone who won right away but I just had to announce it first officially on my blog.  :blush:

 LOOK AT THE DETAILS!! I want to make a resin necklace out of this! @______@

She posted this on my facebook wall as a surprise! ;______;

I agree that this is way better than Rainbow Brite’s unicorn!



For the second winner, the sponsor decided that it would be Regina!


I’ve been an on and off blogger. But despite the inconsistency, I must admit, I can never live without a blog O___O I have been blogging since sixth grade, and self-taught myself on HTML and Photoshop (with the the help of online tutorials, of course ^^). I guess, it is a love for eternity I have for blogging that I cannot just break off from the habit. I had owned domains before, and honestly, I extremely love the feeling of having my blog be one of those IT BLOGS out there by cutting the or extensions. But like all things happy, it must come to an end (a sad, hard agony) :\

Right now, I only have a Blogspot and a Tumblr (which I considers the “mini-me” version of the Blogspot), and been thinking whether to buy a domain. Then I saw your contest! ^_____^;;

Definitely my website will be filled with my journey and struggle with school, while in between testing Asian fashion on myself =___=;; (which is rather deadly). I write poems and fan fictions as well, so that will be a part of the website.

And this website will allow me to practice my skill, which is extremely related to my course. The artsy stuff I will put on the site can be made into a portfolio, and will (hopefully) help me someday after college.

AND, I want a website because I wanna do some cute layout D: I miss doing layouts for long term blogs. Hopefully, I will be picked 😀 Positivity :DDD

^_______^ TIA!


Congratulations, Regina! POSITIVITY!


For the third winner (who was also one of my top picks for her comment), it’s ANNE KATE! She was picked using

What do you plan to do with your dream website?

I always wanted to have my own serious website ever since 1st year college, not just for blogging but to be used as an online Portfolio. I tried portfolio sites but I am unsatisfied because of the number of upload limitations and some sites are just ~bleh~ for me and not fitting. And of course, the feeling is different if you have your own .COM and the fact that you can personalize it… 😀 I really have plans of buying my on domain but still not getting it because of some financial reasons and some things to prioritize first.

I believe that having an online portfolio can help me have a job, do serious freelancing and also be professional. I think that having a serious website will give me plus points on having a job/do freelance because my potential client can browse the pages and see the stuff that I got.


Let me plug her artsy tumblr as well. Lovely illustrations by an industrial design major (whom I thought an advertising student at first) in UST!



For the inception giveaway winner (reblogger who participated in the contest), it was also ANNE! October is your LUCKY MONTH! I was also surprised when your numbers came out!



To Mishie, Regina, and Anne, kindly email me ( with your chosen domain name! Check availability of the domain (.COM/.NET/.ORG/.BIZ/.INFO/.NAME) through this availability checker.

To Anne, please email me with your complete name / address and contact details! A surprise will arrive at your house!  :happy:



To everyone else who supported by joining the contest, thank you so much! Until the next Rainbowholic Contest then~!




P.S. This contest’s new permalink address is:

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  1. OMG KAILA SALAMAT 🙂 very helpful nito para sakin 🙂 GRABE CANT GET OVER HAHAHA stars allover!

  2. I never won anything in my life. Hahaha. Thank you so much Kaila for the wonderful opportunity :heart: I will work hard for this 😉


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