☆ Rainbowholic Blog Birthday Giveaway ☆

Rainbowholic is finally turning 1 this April 28th!!

As a way of giving back to those who have supported me & cheered me on ever since I have restarted this blog about my daily life here in Japan…


I am giving away threeee cutest loot bags to three lucky readers!

I’ve had contests before but this season is by far the most generous!  :yay:



#1: Starrific Galaxy


Little Twin Stars & Galaxy

Candy Necklace from Rainbowholic Shop & Cotton Bouquet I receive from Purikura machines (this is very handy!)

Panda bento box & animal toothpicks~  :heart:


Carousel stationary set and Rilakkuma snack!

Strawberry Rilakkuma & more chocolates!


Origami sheets~

Japanese chocolates! Toppo (originally from Korea?), Almond rush, Almond Peak.. and PANDA POCKY!!

Dolly Wink nail polish I got for free from Harajuku Kawaii concert.

Drink Mix (Vending Machine) candies & Candy Party with Peko and Kitty-chan!

Little Twin Stars Bag~

#2: Dainty Rosy


Roses for you!

My favorite DIY Sailor scarf with Hello Kitty print~!


Doremon カプッチョ! Milky!!!


Mix Fruits Lemonade candy pack + Teal & salmon pink glittery nail polish set!

Paris Station Set! Super love this ~

Giant Ichigo Caplico, Bittersweet Toppo, Custard Pudding Toppo.. and CARAMEL POCKY!!


Kitty-chan’s Strawberry & milk chocolate & Strawberry picnic hair tie by Rainbowholic  :heart:

Fox tail key chain!  :star:

Hello Kitty with Roses bag~



#3: Colorful Bunny


This bag is smaller than the two but the contents are still as cute & yummy!

How’s that?  :heart:

Hand-picked snack chocolates + Mini bunny coin purse~

STRAWBERRY POCKY!!! Super yummy~!


Hello Kitty strawberry marshmallows!!!

Pastel Decoo keychain I got from Harajuku Kawaii!! Cotton Bouquet Purikura freebie + Hello Kitty ring from Rainbowholic!!


Hello Kitty Bunny nail shiner & Hello Kitty stationary set!!

Original Sanrio stationary set!!


More cuteness here~

Hello Kitty as Colorful Bunny bag~


How to enter?

  1. Like “Rainbowholic” on facebook!  :star:
  2. Look for my giveaway album and share the album to your friends! Please set your share to public so I can verify it!
  3. Follow kai-la on tumblr & kailaroo on twitter.  :heart: (Edit: If you don’t have a tumblr/twitter account , please still give it a try :cheer: )
  4. On tumblr, please reblog this post.
  5. Tweet me back @kailaroo by telling your twitter friends about the giveaway.
  6. Answer these two questions: (1) “Where did you discover Rainbowholic?“, (2) “What’s your favorite Rainbowholic blog entry and why?”  :hihihi:
  7. And lastly, comment on this entry with the given format below (this is the most important!):
☆ ☆ ☆
Name: Kaila Ocampo
Blog / Tumblr: http://kai-la.tumblr.com
Url of Reblogged Post: http://kai-la.tumblr.com/post/21060971229/rainbowholic-blog-anniversary-giveaway
Twitter: @kailaroo
I discovered Rainbowholic on… when I was.. 
My favorite Rainbowholic blog entry is…
(you can add any extra comment here.. etc. etc.)
☆ ☆ ☆

One of these cuties could be yours!!

Starrific Galaxy winner will be chosen by me. Please make your comment interesting and sincere~ <3

Dainty Rosy and Colorful Bunny will be chosen randomly.  :heart:

“Randomly” means it could be from the comment list below or from the rebloggers of the tumblr post.

My suggestion is to reblog the post as many times you want using the tumblr username you registered/commented here.

Contest will end on April 28 (12:00 midnight, Japan Time). I will announce it on Rainbowholic’s facebook page.  :pink:

If you are a company and would like to sponsor future collaboration giveaways with me, you can email me here: the.rainbowholic @ gmail.com


Thank you and good luck to everyone!


120 thoughts on “☆ Rainbowholic Blog Birthday Giveaway ☆

  1. ☆ ☆ ☆
    Name: Maixia Chang :kawaii:
    Blog / Tumblr: http://myxiah.tumblr.com/
    Url of Reblogged Post: /rainbowholic-blog-anniversary-giveaway
    Twitter: @theexiah
    I discovered Rainbowholic on… when I was..On Facebook searching for Kawaii Stuff, I just love Kawaii Stuff and hope to win this givewaway! :yay:
    My favorite Rainbowholic blog entry is… Everything picture you take in the Purika Machine is AMAZING! You’re so pretty!! Why are filipinos so pretty?! ><
    ☆ ☆ ☆

  2. ☆ ☆ ☆
    Name: Maixia Chang :kawaii:
    Blog / Tumblr: http://myxiah.tumblr.com/
    Url of Reblogged Post: http://myxiah.tumblr.com/ ( Theres an ERROR, it won’t show the post URL, but I did reblog it, its the very first blog! :))
    Twitter: @theexiah
    I discovered Rainbowholic on… when I was..On Facebook searching for Kawaii Stuff, I just love Kawaii Stuff and hope to win this givewaway! :yay:
    My favorite Rainbowholic blog entry is… Everything picture you take in the Purika Machine is AMAZING! You’re so pretty!! Why are filipinos so pretty?! ><
    ( My first post failed…:( I forgot to put in the reblogged URL..)
    ☆ ☆ ☆

  3. Name: Olivia Yoon
    Blog / Tumblr: uhhshit.tumblr.com
    Url of Reblogged Post:http://uhhshit.tumblr.com/post/21840629528/rainbowholic-blog-anniversary-giveaway
    Twitter: @afteryoonnap
    I discovered Rainbowholic on a friend’s tumblr :hihi: ~! i fell in love with all its cuteness :bow:
    My favorite Rainbowholic blog entry is when you went to Tokyo Disneyland !! I’ve always wanted to go to a different Disneyland so it was very pleasing to see pics ! I think there was a little boy dressed like peter pan, so precious ! I also enjoyed the globe strap bag and all the mouse ears :hihihi: I also loved the ones where you go to different amusement parks ! it makes me super jealous, but it’s fun experiencing it through someone else’s pics !! your hello kitty outfit that day was super cute as well. 🙂 thank you for hosting this give away ! :loveheart:

  4. Name: Luz Angulo :blush3:
    Blog / Tumblr: http://luzzy.tumblr.com
    Url of Reblogged Post: http://luzzy.tumblr.com/post/21841039035/rainbowholic-blog-anniversary-giveaway
    Twitter: @luz_a

    I discovered Rainbowholic on…
    Facebook! I think I’d seen the ads on the side…? Or maybe it was a suggestion. Anyways I saw it all the time on my sidebar but I was too lazy to click cause it usually suggests boring stuff…. but I ended up checking it out one day and really liked it!! ;v; :lulz: I think it suggested your page because I like a lot of pages related to Japan and cute things, including TokyoFashion. I’m glad I finally listened!! HAHA C:

    My favorite Rainbowholic blog entry is…
    “Let’s Get Lost in LeLe Land with Blythe & Alice”
    BECAUSE. TWO OF MY FAVOURITE THINGS. Alice in Wonderland and DOLLS. I’m so poor/cheap? so I only own one little mini-blythe. BUT I LOVE THEM :starru: I live vicariously through your exquisite snapshots ;v; and hope to one day buy real blythes (yeah mine is the littlest pet shop one haha) /cries
    All of your posts are great though!! <333333 *v* They're great for ideas~~ I'm planning to fancy-up my wardrobe and bedroom ONCE AND FOR ALL this summer and I love visiting sites likes yours and TF and tumblr for inspiration!!
    There's so many things I never knew existed/ what they looked like! :cute2:
    Even if I'm not a winner, I'm looking forward to everything everything else you post!!
    again, i'm living vicariously thorugh your snaps hehehe :grr: 😥

    Thank you and good luck!! (to me mwahha :grr: )

  5. Name: Deb Janet Bleesy

    Blog / Tumblr: http://debjbleesy.tumblr.com/

    Url of Reblogged Post: I’m reblogging this so many times but once I’m done the Url won’t show up.. I don’t know why. Anyways, I’ll give the link: http://www.tumblr.com/reblog/21060971229/JqtqQjpb?redirect_to=http%3A%2F%2Fkai-la.tumblr.com%2Fpost%2F21060971229%2Frainbowholic-blog-anniversary-giveaway (I didn’t even have a tumblr account, I just made it for this so I don’t know how to use it yet but I’m definitely reblogging this a lot of times :blush3: )

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/DebJBleesy

    I discovered Rainbowholic on facebok when I was looking for something KAWAII! :pink:

    My favorite Rainbowholic blog entry is the Kaila’s little kitchen because everything looks like just popped out of a cartoon and I love how she edited the pictures with the lazy rilakkuma characters! :cheer: (my melody and rilakkuma are my favourite characters EVER) She looks so cute and all those cute stuff really fits her! It makes me wanna go and practice my cooking skills with her! :yehey:

    I got to talk to you, Kaila.. And I must admit that you’re such a sweet girl, you’re not only kawaii on your outer part, but also on the inner part of you (wich is the most important thing!) People like you sould ALWAYS be on top because you have an amazing talent, you give inspiration. Looking at your blog, pictures, or just read what you write brightens up my day and give me so much energy and will to live life to the fullest. :heart: You showed us how we should never give up on chasing and achieving our dreams because with efforts we can reach every goal. So THANK YOU, Kaila. :cute: Thanks for everything! :heart:

  6. Name: Margot
    Blog / Tumblr: I don’t have Tumblr, nor Twitter.. :333:
    Url of Reblogged Post: :3star:
    Twitter: :3:
    I discovered Rainbowholic on… Facebook! when I was.. browsing through my friends’ shared pictures. Only recently, but I have been going through a lot of entries. I follow quite some people who are in Japan (be it living, studying or traveling) but you are the first to live such a cute, flamboyant lifestyle there, and it opens new perspectives. I love to see what shops you go to, what places you like to see, and all the food pictures :3
    My favorite Rainbowholic blog entry is… Well, everything that contains a lot of pictures, so I guess almost everything 🙂

    I’m sorry that I don’t have Tumblr or Twitter, but I am very active on Facebook and will share!! ^^

  7. Name: Kim – Electric Lime

    Blog / Tumblr: -no tumblr-
    Url of Reblogged Post:-

    Twitter: @Electric_L

    I discovered Rainbowholic on: 26/4/2012 when I was on FB

    My favorite Rainbowholic blog entry is: this one, because it was the one that made me discover Rainbowholic :3: !!

  8. Name: Wojtasiak Amélie :x:
    Blog: http://ameblo.jp/sakuraiki/
    Twitter: @sakuraiki_achi

    I discovered Rainbowholic Yesterday, when one of my friend post about this generous giveaway! And I felt in love immediatly with what you do :heart:
    My favorite Rainbowholic blog entry is: Aaawh, it’s really difficult to choose only one…! I would say http://the.rainbowholic.me/features/alice-in-lele-land-in-lele-junie-moon-shinjuku/ because I love Blythe dolls and all the stuff around, and you pictures were so pretty and beautiful! I wish I could went there!!
    But…I would say http://the.rainbowholic.me/kawaii/sanrio-puroland-pre-valentine-date-with-doitsu-panda/ too, because when I’ll go to Japan this summer…It’s NECESSARY for me, I want so badly to go to Sanrio Puroland! So lovely items! And you too were lovely on the pictures you took this day! :blush3:

    So, thanks for this giveaway! *fingers crossed*

  9. Name: Sharon Ng
    Blog / Tumblr: http://dwsmiles.tumblr.com
    Url of Reblogged Post: http://dwsmiles.tumblr.com/post/21853382716/rainbowholic-blog-anniversary-giveaway
    Twitter: @bunnybee
    I discovered Rainbowholic on tumblr when I was stalking my bestfriend’s tumblr. (:
    My favorite Rainbowholic blog entry is http://the.rainbowholic.me/kawaii/sanrio-puroland-pre-valentine-date-with-doitsu-panda/
    This is probably my favorite blog entry, every girl dreamed of Sanrio once. Every girl loves the Sanrio characters! My top favorites were Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll and Pom Pom Purin! ^^ I remember I used to go on the Sanrio website and keep asking my mom if I could order from the website because I couldn’t buy it here in my country. I still stand my man, ONE DAY, I AM GOING TO SANRIO PUROLAND OR A BIG BIG BIG SHOP DEDICATED TO SANRIO. Just because it’s been my little kid’s dream. And ofcourse just because the little characters are so cute! <3
    The pictures you took with your friend in Sanrio Puroland are so cute :o! I bet you had a great time there, I'm so jelly of you now :p

    Good luck to everybody that entered this giveaway ^^

  10. Name: Rina Chida
    Blog / Tumblr: http://superbooink.tumblr.com
    Url of Reblogged Post:http://kai-la.tumblr.com/post/21060971229/rainbowholic-blog-anniversary-giveawayniversary-giveaway
    Twitter: @superbooink
    I discovered Rainbowholic on littlemisspaintbrush’s blog when I was backreading in her blog just now and then when I check yours it really amazed me. Living in Japan was once my dream but I’ll continue that someday. I love all your entries on your blog infact I am into it at the mom ent :”> as of nowMy favorite Rainbowholic blog entry is http://the.rainbowholic.me/kawaii/sanrio-puroland-pre-valentine-date-with-doitsu-panda/ Sanrio Puroland is a paradise. I want to visit it again with the outfit you used that day. I am kinda not ready and not really stylish type of girl. Anyway, everything about you is so kawaii. I never get old when I see your photos. :”>

    that’s all. Good luck everyone!

  11. Name: Lain Julett
    Blog / Tumblr: http://bluesky-lolita.tumblr.com/
    Url of Reblogged Post: http://kai-la.tumblr.com/post/21060971229/rainbowholic-blog-anniversary-giveaway
    Twitter: None
    I discovered Rainbowholic on: Today actually.. when I was looking at a friend’s tumblr
    My favorite Rainbowholic blog entry is
    I would say the omatsuri posts. I’ve always loved Japanese festivals, so seeing pictures from someone’s perspective of being there was great. Also, all the food and doll posts XD my fav things to talk about :yay:

  12. Name: Mica Dianne Guapo
    Blog / Tumblr: http://www.hikarussuperbass.tumblr.com
    Url of Reblogged Post: http://hikarussuperbass.tumblr.com/post/21969619735/rainbowholic-blog-anniversary-giveaway
    Twitter: @sixteen_love

    I discovered Rainbowholic last Thursday. ^^ I was chatting with my bestfriend when she suddenly told me she found out about your blog, and she said I should really try out visiting your blog because I also have this dream of being able to live in Japan, and I pretty much adore kawaii things ♥

    My favorite Rainbowholic blog entry would be this http://the.rainbowholic.me/kawaii/kaila-little-kitchen-x-japonista-sole-jika-tabi-remakes/ . I liked your post about you having your very own and cute kitchen pretty much mostly because I can relate with the first line from the entry. As a kid, I really have this passion inside of me to cook and cook everyday especially Asian cuisine. ♥ And everything I saw with the pictures was really cute especially the apron! ♥ Teehee~

  13. Name: zineb laoud
    Blog / Tumblr sorry i haven’t tumblr, nor Twitter
    Url of Reblogged Post: :sob:
    Twitter: @kailaroo :blush: i liked your fb ** lina jp aya**
    I discovered Rainbowholic on google Browser when I looking for a Japanese :kawaii: giveaway I Very surprised And I liked all japanese goodies in your shop
    My favorite Rainbowholic blog entry is i’ll stay forever like what Made in Japan http://rainbowholic.bigcartel.com/product/simple-rainbow-canvas-bag Carp fish in japan i :heart: it thanj you very much for this contest Otanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu!

  14. Name: Hello Kitty Forever
    Blog / Tumblr: http://hellokittyforever.com
    Url of Reblogged Post: I don’t have a tumblr >.<
    Twitter: @HelloKitty_4eva
    I discovered Rainbowholic when I was clicking random blog links from different blogs. You end up on a blog adventure, and finding some real gems in the blogging scene. And I love this blog.
    I especially love your super kawaii colorful pic dump posts <333

    Also, Liked you on FB, shared the album on FB, following you on Twitter and tweeted about you!! :yehey:

    Good luck to whoever wins!!

  15. Name: Miche :pink:
    Blog / Tumblr: http://likebookends.tumblr.com
    Url of Reblogged Post: http://likebookends.tumblr.com/post/23996086221/rainbowholic-blog-anniversary-giveaway
    Twitter: @michelem11
    I discovered Rainbowholic today when I was on the Tokyo Fashion Youtube page (After watching the story of Kumamiki’s Fashion Show) – your youtube was listed under their features !! I watched a few of you videos and found your blog c:
    My favorite Rainbowholic blog entry is… the one with your Totoro-inspired outfit !! :loveheart:

    This giveaway is amazingly generous and I’m so glad I found you blog – now I’m going to look through all your posts and your tumblr wahhh ! :tongue:


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