Rainbowholic Big Blog Giveaway (January 2013) Winners!

Hello all!  :blush:

Sorry to have kept you guys waiting for the announcement of winners. Had a little bit of trouble with time management.. actually right now, I don’t know how I managed to detach myself from my bed.. ;_; It took quite a lot of effort *legs you must cooperate* ….

First of all, thank you thank you thank you all for participating! I got a bit heartbroken when I realized many really did their effort to share but all I could do was trust on luck. Wish I could be a fairy and just give everyone a lucky bag but.. I’m not huhuhu. Don’t worry,  I’ll have more fun sponsored giveaways in the future and I hope you guys will still participate!  Hihihi~  :yay:

giveaway2013 copy



~ rafflecopter time yay ~

Here are the lucky winners for the rafflecopter entries. : )

Congratulations everyone! 🙂 Yay for lucky bags!  :blush:

Special Lucky Winners

I think that this is the part that you guys have been waiting for..  :blush:

Look at all the shares ;_____;

I took the screenshots + list of shares on the contest due date itself ^^v


To all the winners, kindly send me your details with this format (until Feb 18, 2012 only).

Send to the.rainbowholic[at]gmail[dot]com.


Full Name:


Contact #:

(btw, the Japan Essay Contest is still ongoing! Entries can be submitted until February 18, 2013 ^^)

Surprise Winners

I know Rainbowholic blog has a lot of silent readers (which I admit, I’m also one of those whenever I stalk my favorite blogs).. and I just thought I should give back something nice to some readers who made effort to write and leave comment(s). As a blogger, sometimes readers’ comments can make your day a little brighter especially when you’re feeling tired / down. I may not express or really reply back (need to fix this wordpress problem huhu) but I do appreciate the super sweet notes / words of encouragement / feedback on my posts. Those actually make me look forward and I get energized even if I spend 2 hours or so writing and preparing a blog entry… phew, never thought I’d really go 100% with blogging! *_* Just means that if you do something you love with your best, it’ll earn on its own. And I’m the luckiest blogger out there to have the sweetest readers / cheering squad like you guys ;_; I hit the jackpot!! ^^v

Here are the 5 randomly selected people from the comments section:

  1. Kaitie Carty
  2. Gillian Galang
  3. Priscila Cardoso
  4. Erica (http://lolitserica.tumblr.com)
  5. Brianna Kingsmith

I don’t know yet what to really send, but it will be a small gift from my heart~  :heart: Definitely something kawaii & something that will remind you of Japan. ^^

Kindly send me your full name, address and contact number as well! : )



カイラ  :heart:


18 thoughts on “Rainbowholic Big Blog Giveaway (January 2013) Winners!

  1. Congrats to all the winners!! I’m sure everyone will enjoy all their prizes :nod:
    Thank you, Kaila and sponsors, for such an awesome giveaway! I really appreciate your generosity :333: Keep up the awesome work!

  2. OMG 😥 I won something 😥 I’m so happy!!! :yay: Thank you so much Kaila for making this giveaway :heart: I’m very excited 😥

  3. I’ve won the Lost Mannequin backpack. :yay: I feel like I’m gonna faint! XD THANK YOU SO MUCH RAINBOWHOLIC! I really want to give you a BIG hug but you’re in Japan right now. :starru: imma go faint right now for the 9999999th time.

  4. omg well done everyone! Im still waiting on the Japan Essay contest results *fingers crossed* well done all the winners! :tongue:

  5. CONGRATS TO ALL THE WINNERS :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
    GAMBANTTE!!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
    arigatou for hosting this giveaway NEEHCAN KAILA!!!
    ARIGATOU ALSO TO KAWAII SPONSORS!!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
    NOW WINNERS, LETS PAR-TAY! :yehey: :blush: :blush3:
    hmm. what will be the surprise gift? tattoo tights or bow hair clip or tie or any kawaii :)) :333: :333: :333: I’M HAPPY THAT ITS A SURPRISE :))
    anyway, Arigatou Neechan for also choosing me :))
    kaylan ko kaya mapapadala yung pangbawi ko :333:
    baka pag tapos na school :))

  6. Omg I won the Junie Moon bag!!!! 😥 Thank you so much for this giveaway, Ate!! Kisses to Junie Moon and Cicely Margo for sponsoring the prizes :kiss:

  7. Why is my comment still awaiting moderation? );
    But Thank you so much Kaila and LOST MANNEQUIN and Sponsors! I feel very excited for the prize.. HUGS AND KISSES XOXOXO

  8. Congratz to the winners but it seems as though the essays weren’t judged fairly. Surely it should not be based on who was first to blog a photo.. But the actual content of the essay. If I knew it was as easy as you show above I would have shared the fb statuses a billion times but I really didn’t have the time for the essay… So I didnt bother despite liking the pages stated on one blog entry. Don’t think it’s really fair but anyway..

  9. おめでとうございます to all the luckly winners!!!! I’m sure you all are really happy now! :yay: Thank you Kaila that you make such awesome giveaways!!! You really bring so mich happiness to all of us! :nod: :heart:

  10. Yay! :yay: Congrats to all the winners! That was definitely a surprise win for me! Sorry again, for being so late with replying, Kaila!!

  11. OMG, i won something, i am soooooo sorry i responded so late! I just haven’t been on the computer for so long now. sooo sorry! 😥 :yay:


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