★ Rainbowholic Big Blog Giveaway (January 2013) ★

Hello everyone! Sorry to have kept you waiting for days, had to double check everything first before publishing this much-awaited entry for the Rainbowholic Big Blog Giveaway for January 2013!!


Before anything else, I would very much appreciate it if you guys can check my special brand spotlight entry for my lovely sponsors!! :yay:



Finally, Here are the…


(the instructions are written at the bottom of the page :yay: )

#1: Hello Kitty + Quirky Enji Prize


Designer Hello Kitty Bow and Tiara Headpiece from Tiara by Tracy Dizon

Hello Kitty tags

Pair of neon spike bracelets

Special edition KitKat flavors (Ichigo and Matcha~!!)

Hello Kitty Lunch Box

 Special set of ENJI quirkiness!

#2: Junie Moon Surprise Bag + Cicely Margo Pop Jewelry Prize

Junie Moon surprise pack

JumBow Heart Necklace & Neon Sassy Cat Earrings from Cicely Margo

#3: SWIMMER + Rilakkuma Prize

Random SWIMMER stuff

Rilakkuma tumbler, envelope, pretzel and stickers!

#4: Sweet Kawaii Yummy Prize

Tea & Mint Accessories and Badges

Big box of Glicopia East random nomnomnom, haha~

#5: LOSTMANNEQUIN Winged Backpack


Winged baby blue x pink backpack from LOSTMANNEQUIN

Special Lucky Bags for 5 Readers (Rafflecopter Random Draw)

5 lucky readers will get their special surprise packs!

( Everything will be sent randomly.. so please don’t email / message me that you want this certain prize >_< )

MORE Quirky ENJI Accessories for everyone!


Handmade Recycled Wallets from ReWallet

Mecha kawaiii!!  :cute2:

Care Bears Earphones + Rainbowholic Shop Badges

The MISS-Adventures of Icy Grape Incident shirt from Indian Pussy Brand

Je T’adore shirt 

iPuke … KAWAiI (pink) shirt 

“All seeing eye” keychains & yummy candies from Artistic Sole (Indian Pussy Brand)

“Paint Every Day Bright!”- IKB ^^v

Random Japanese Chocolates for chocoholics <3

Japan Essay Contest ft. Japonista Sole



Revised on January 18, 2013

If you can, please answer every question listed and expound. 

  1. What do you like about Japan and since when did it start? What is your Japanese dream if you have one?
  2. How do you see the current Japanese Pop-coolture compared to K-Pop and other similar pop-cultures growing in Asia these days?
  3. How do you see your own country’s pop-coolture growing compared to Japan’s ?
  4. Where do think the global cool-ture is heading? Do you have any ideas about that?
  5. How do you relate living in such a materialistic and obsessed generation to ideas of achieving world peace and cultural harmony…can you explore this and do you have any hope and aspirations for the future being part of this kawaii, otaku and kakkoii generation?

Please share any thoughts about #1-#6 or anything in between those guide questions, but try to answer all of these questions in once convincing essay appealing your thoughts on all of them.

Those are guide questions but not choices to choose which to answer, all the essence and answers must be summed up in one essay.

We don’t care how many paragraphs or words.. our main criteria will be based on creativity, coherence, clarity (should be straight-to-the-point), etc. Just let us know your honest thoughts and observations and we will evaluate the submissions together with the Japonista Sole team.

Three (3) winners will be chosen and the works will be published and shared in japonista.com / japonista-sole.com. The Grandprize winner (1st) will receive a pair of his own choice of Japonista Sole Tabi Shoes (from the line Geisha Pop Jika Tabi)+ Pikachu kigurumi set + a bunch of Japanese chocolates and goodies from  Japonista .. AND if there is a chance in the future, you get a chance share a meal and chit chat with the founders of Japonista in Japan. The 2nd & 3rd placers will receive surprise consolation prizes as well. How is that?

To join this part, kindly email your essay to the.rainbowholic@gmail.com with subject “[JAPAN ESSAY] Insert Essay Title here – Last Name, First Name”. You can just type directly from the email and no need to attach. Be creative and of course, do not copy works of others and plagiarize. Everything can be double-checked through google now 😀

NOTE: By submitting, you are giving us the right to publish your written essay through Japonista / Japonista Sole’s online pages. ^^v

EDITED: Japan Essay Contest will be extended until February 18, 2013.


Overall Contest Mechanics (Must-read!)

1. On Facebook and Twitter, kindly like & follow every brand listed here. This is a must for everyone. For your convenience, I prepared this rafflecopter widget! 😀

a Rafflecopter giveaway

2. Kindly like and share this giveaway album on facebook. You can share it once! 😀

3. Leave a comment here and tell me that you’ve joined! Any random message will do haha~ JUST ONCE PLEASE!!  :yay:

4. For the first set of prizes above (the one that are numbered #), I will choose a random winner from the number of facebook shares for each photo (using random.org). If you want to win a certain prize, you have to share the corresponding photo as much as you can and set the shares viewable to public ^^v

5. There will be 5 lucky participants who will receive random kawaii stuff just by officially entering via rafflecopter. Super easy and you gain 21 points just like that! *_*

6. Instructions for the Japan Essay Contest are written above, kindly double check and email me (the.rainbowholic@gmail.com) for your questions ^^

7. Giveaway will end on February 3, 2013 (12:00 AM / JPN time).

8. If you are below 18 and cannot share the photos to public setting, kindly add up my temporary account so I can view your shares! 😀


Last note: Please do not spam me with comments / emails about how much you want the giveaway prize huhuhu.. last time I got harassed *_* I would appreciate it guys if we just follow the given set of rules and just support the generous brands~  :yay: Let’s keep this contest fun and fair, alright? Yay!

Thank you all and GOOD LUCK! <3 <3 xoxo


218 thoughts on “★ Rainbowholic Big Blog Giveaway (January 2013) ★

  1. Joined your giveaway! Your life inspires me to do my best in making my dreams come true, which is to live in Japan! :hihihi: :star: I hope i’ll be lucky enough to win one of those. Can’t resist the mecha kawaii things. Thank you so much! :heart:

  2. joined! :yay:

    just want to let you know you really motivate me to believe in my dream. . . :nod:

    so glad I stumbled upon your blog. :heart:

  3. Omgosh how am i going to win this. goodluck for me. 🙂 I wish this is my lucky entry. I hoped they’ll understand my grammar 🙂 :blank: Waaaahhhh. I badly want this. I want to be like you ate kaila. happy to with the things you like. *sigh* I love evrything about you and your blogs 🙂 so Cute. :heart: :tongue:

  4. I joined~!!! :love:
    Thank’s for doing this great giveaway~!!! :heart: :heart: :happy:
    Thanks for you and the sponsors~ :heart: :hug:

  5. JOINEDDDDDDDDDDDDDD! i really want that baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag, and the sweet goodsssssssssssssss ^o^


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