☆ Rainbowholic Blog Birthday Giveaway Winners ☆

Hello everyone! First of all, I would like to thank each person who participated in my biggest giveaway (as of the moment, wink wink)…. especially to those people who took their time in making me tear up by writing the sweetest comments ever! :””( One of the past giveaway winners (Mishie!) also featured me on her blog during the contest (which you can read here)… Thanks guys for making me cry a river. Ocean, waterfalls, whatever. : ))

Rainbowholic Anniversary Giveaway Page


Thank you for making this as a HUGE success. 100+ comments and 780 notes on tumblr???? You guys are the best!!  :happy:

I feel like I have succeeded  making an online advertising/promotional campaign for a brand, hahaha. Woops, advertising roots are showing again! : )))


After I got home from today’s shoot, I figured I should announce the winners on my youtube page as well ^^v

If you want to hear my very sexy *ehem* husky voice, sure go ahead and click play below. Hahahaha


A bit too long + many pauses but I guess it’s still worth a watch? : ))

But anyway, the winners are also listed below (under the cut)…  :star:


Dainty Rosy Winner

Based from the comment list on the entry itself..

THANK YOU DAN..!!!  for remembering the old Kaila from her eerie-silence days! And yup, I love big photos! That’s why I don’t have a sidebar on my blog, haha~


Colorful Bunny Winner

Oh this girl would be so HAPPPYYYYY!

Based on the reblog / notes list on tumblr! : )

(I copy-pasted every note but it showed only 677 lines in excel.. thus 677 was the number I based on. : ) )

Thank you for the long entry, Gillian! Lucky fairy has showered you with pixie dust!! Super happy that you won, since I know how much you’ve been promoting Rainbowholic / this contest~ <3

Thank you imouto (little sister) Gillian for the heart-warming letter. <3  :heart:

Starrific Galaxy Winner

And… the one that really TOUCHED my heart, soul, whatever I have left.. Haha~  :yay:

You.guys.should.read.this.  😥

It has a lot of insights and I love reading reflective paragraphs like this. Apparently, I have a secret love affair with blogs that offer life reflection stories or something near to that. Haha~

Thank you so much for telling me that you appreciate my tutorials! Phew~ That really inspired me to continue and do more and make time for it. I thought people didn’t really need it so I was being half-heartedly about it : )

(i haz a lot to say / comment on this but I pretty much said everything in my video ^^v)

ANDDDDDDD Yup, a friend and (avid) reader sounds MUCH MUCH better.    :cheer:




Winners, please send to the.rainbowholic@gmail.com your complete name, address and contact details!! <3  :heart:

Rainbowholic’s Favorites + Replies!

Of course, out of those 100+ comments, I have a ton of favorites!!! I just have to share these. They are so funnily written + these gave me a butterfly garden in my tummy. : )))

Yup, I guess AWESOMECUPCKAKES in ALL CAPS would best describe SAKURA!! Hahaha! You can also live in Japan like me, like other dreamers who realized it here as well. 🙂

Thank you so much and I’ll send your congrats to them, haha!

Thank you for thinking that my blog is the only one that makes you feel that day. I am super touched by this comment huhuhu. That’s one of my blog’s objectives, to bring my readers to Japan by looking at my photospams! Hehehe  😀

Thank you for making my “note” as your favorite entry, Isabelle! : ) I know you can make it here and fulfill your Japanese dream 🙂

Aww Tyntyn, thank you!! Salamat! Someday, you will see them up close. I told myself that before as well, Someday, someday.. then it will become today, then yesterday. Hahaha what : ))

Thank you, and fan arts are always welcome!! <3 <3 <3

Wow, you’re the only person who answered Hongkong as a favorite! I love those entries as well!!!

I hope I can still make your mood get better with every post I will be making in the future, Anastasia!! <3

Hello Elleonelle! Hahaha the feature I made for Reese that she featured!! : ))) I love that backpack backpack entry as well!! And for some reason, I really do feel that I am a tour guide with my travel entries! Hahaha!!

Thank you!!!

Thank you for posting the contest on your blog even if you don’t have a tumblr! :O Hahaha 100 yen stores, my number 1 weakness! : ))

Be it for travel /  studies / work, you must realize your dream here!! : )

Awww, thank you for your concern! For some reason I tend to worry if ever I wrote crap on my blog so I always put the “Hope this was a good read!” line to reassure myself.. Hahaha!

Thank you for looking forward to read my future entries!!  😀 And I started with not knowing a single sentence in Japanese except for some curse words from Japanese animes, hahaha : ))


I think I am going to write a novel-like reply : ))) Hahaha! Oh man! The tsinelas maker, guess the word, possessed keyboard and shit… all of those, you can still remember?? : )))

If you guys didn’t know, Celine was the FIRST EVER who emailed me after I posted a few entries when I restarted my blog (last year! when Rainbowholic didn’t even appear in google search’s first page!!). She’s one of those readers who really inspired me to update regularly. And even if my blog was just new, she would comment on every post, etc. “OMG, I HAVE A FREQUENT READER/brb dying because of happiness” was the feeling I’d get before, and of course .. until know. She would also tweet me back with funny randomness (in which I feel guilty because I tend to reply the next day, morning haha) And her comments are always downright funny and those make my day!!! She’s probably one of those reader-turned-into-friends (but I consider her more like a baby sister, HAHAHA).

I am super happy and proud that you get praised in your computer class because of my past website! At least, somebody really had gain fruits from it!!! Maybe it’s a calling? Graphic design for a college course? Haha!

 Thank you so much Celine for this kind of support. Please be assured that I’ll be cheering you on as well as you start college and chase your dreams. Purikura here in Japan, yes??


Thank you for the extra sharing!! Hahaha I did that as well, but I had a bathroom robe as a kimono and wooden chopsticks for the hair accessory! : )))

I also love the culture where I originally came from (Philippines)! Me too, even if I’d be given a chance to change my race, I’d still choose the original Filipina Kaila.. but something as crazy cool as Japan, I would definitely grab every opportunity to have a taste of it. 🙂

Thanks Carina!

Aww, me too!! I had those moments when I cried so much because I wanted to go to Japan but I can only taste it by looking at photos on the web… huhuhu..

 It will never be an easy feat to achieve any dream but it is worth every try, tear… and time! I am sure of that.

I hope you are “genki” now. Please do your best always. You can have a minute to be sad and down but remember, you still have the rest of  23 hours and 59 minutes to be glad and inspired. : )

Hello Jaaaam! Hahaha! Please eagerly wait for the Cebu Pacific surprise to Thailand! I know that someday you’ll have a pair of DMs or Jeremy and you will be rocking those!

HAHAHA cute chubby baby omg HAHAHA you are so true about that! That is why sometimes the idea of backtracking my old photos and looking at my chubbiness would give me creeps : ))))

Thanks for the sexy chic description! Super funny, anu ba yan! : )))

Nyalaちゃん! Wow, that was over a year ago, the big bang shirt! Heehee! Thank you for treating me as your long-lost sibling, even with the” thousands miles away from each other” fact. That is really sweet!!  :blush:

Thanks for always cheering me on, I  always love reading your comments on my blog! And yes, a dreamer shouldn’t always just a dreamer forever. :”)

I am pretty sure that someday you’ll visit this beautiful country and travel around Kyoto with a backpack ^^v

Thank you so much Deb!! I can still remember the contest you won from Hunny Co! Haha, thanks for the email about the discount, that was very sweet!! Thank you for your comment, it really touched me ;___;

Live life to the fullest and this the minimum requirement~ *wink*wink*

:33:   :star:

Okay, that would be all for now… Watch out for this week heehee  :hug:

Omedetou to those who won and a big ARIGATOU to everyone~ <3



17 thoughts on “☆ Rainbowholic Blog Birthday Giveaway Winners ☆

  1. OMG, congratulations to the winners! I usually get sad when I don’t win giveaways online. Seriously. That’s kinda childish, I know. But I am totally happy. I mean, look at all the response you had, so many reblogs and so many people around the world touched by your blog entries. Man, I’m not the only one completely inspired by your pictures, I’m not the only one crazy for Japan. And you have no idea of how happy I am because you mentioned my comment and answered me. It feels amazing that you inspire my dreams and that makes you feel good, that makes you feel even better and inspired to keep up with your amazing work, texts, photos and videos. It’s a neverending circle, you help me with my dreams and that makes you even better. Funny, uhn? This giveaway was awesome, thank you very much for this experience, I loved being part of it and realizing how much the blog grew up! And I wish the best for Rainbowholic and all your projects, even being so far and not even knowing you. Since you do so much for me and my dreams, all I wish is that you can achieve success and be happy! Who knows we can be able to meet and take lots of puricura when I get to go to Japan? 🙂 Thank you!

  2. :blank: 😥 Omg~ I am so happy you felt happy with what I wrote!~ :3 :loveheart: :lulz: *V* once again Happy Birthday Rainbowholic!!~ And :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :3 kyaaa~ :3 amazing~ Congratulations Winners!!~ yay! :3 :kawaii: And to Mai.. :nod: :nod: :nod: :nod: exactly!! :3 *V* :blush3: :blush3:

  3. @Loma: Hahaha! I guess that’s really neverending!!! : )) Thank you so much for the participation, sincere Kaila really appreciates it! Let’s have lots of purikura when you come here, alright? <3 :hihi: :heart:

    @Anne: Happy birthdaaaaay to my blog! : ))) :yay:

  4. Kaila!!~ *feeling close lang* :3 😉 Please don’t stop writing!!~ :3 :yay: :yay: :yay: :yehey: :nod: :nod: :nod:

  5. My heart feels so warm. :x: You girls totally deserved to win and if I could, I would give something from the bag I won to you all. But seriously, my crush on Kaila just increased. :loveheart: I hope in the next Rainbowholic’s anniversary she will marry me??? :blank: Thank you, Kaila. You’re the kawaiitest thing in Japan. :kawaii:

  6. Oops, ignore the one above please!!! Made a mistake with the emoticons. :cutee:

    :cheer: Congrats to the winners!!! They will be so delighted to receive those awesome goodies! :yay: And, Happy Birthday Rainbowholic!!! Thanks for picking my comment as one of your favourites. I’ll definitely make my dream come true someday!

  7. Congrats to the lucky winners! :fly:
    I am so jelly of you guys! :loveheart:
    The next contest should definitely be
    a fanart contest capturing your kawaii/
    Harajuku style! :kawaii:

  8. Even though I didn’t won I’m still happy 🙂
    You are really sweet 🙂 I got teary-eyed while reading your reply and that my entry was one of your favorite.

    Eventhoug I can’t do my best right now, I will just never give up 🙂

    Thankyou >:D< :heart:

  9. I’m glad to be one of your favorite comments! Thanks for taking the time to read it Kaila! 🙂

  10. /brb print-screening your reply HAHA/

    Aww, I’m your baby sister? Aww AWWWWWWW ;______; *happy tears everywhere*

    (Belated) Happy happy birthday, Rainbowholic!! (late post HUHU) More years to come!! :heart: We’ll be flying (… or smth haha) with you ’til the end, ate~ :heart: :heart: :heart:

  11. I’m so late on congratulating the winners 😥
    (busy, busy life lately)
    I’m so happy for the winners, and I hope you each enjoy the prizes for everyone else who didn’t win 😉

    @Kaila: I am so happy you liked what I said! It was really from the heart :heart: I hope in the near future I can one day meet you and take purikura together!! And yes, I have already added “backpacking through Kyoto” to my dream board! Thank you again for such an amazing giveaway. :33:


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