It’s time to ship the box away!

(more pictures from here)


Actually, there were two people who were competing so closely!

Koutaku and Yeonhee  :star:

I’m feeling a little generous today so I will be sending a secret package to Sandy as well. I have been lurking around and saw how much effort she has put during the contest too.. : )

Congratulations Koutaku for winning this box! 

Thank you for this cute cupcake!

tumblr_lqhz1xUAe31qi6mujo1_500.png (500×500)

Creative Promotion Winner

I really had a hard time choosing from all the entries I’ve received. It’s so sad that I only have to choose one… :dead:

Aiko’s Blog / Rainbowholic entry could be found here. Omedettou, Aiko!


Another entry that I really liked, it’s from Yhang.

To the winners, kindly email me your full name and complete address / contact details. Will ship these during the week!



More contest giveaways soon! I promise that this time, those won’t be just boxes and Bigbang shirts. Watch out!

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