☆ Rainbowholic Shop Tumblin’ Contest Winner ☆

First of all, I am again really overwhelmed by everyone’s hard work for my Rainbowholic Shop‘s giveaway contest! Never thought that some posts would even reach 100+ notes!  ;____;

Can I have a group hug with everyone who participated?  Haha~ :peace:

The delicious goodies that were at stake..


and these were won by…

Little Mister Walf!

I just checked his tumblr again, and saw these cute doodles as gimmicks!

He truly deserves to be the winner of this giveaway!

When I updated the rules about not reblogging your own entry more than FIVE times (read rules here), I didn’t mention that your followers couldn’t reblog it more than 5 times! Just as long as your “follower” is a legit account (not a fake account / not created for this contest’s purpose– and yes, I randomly checked on the notes for the validity), he/she could reblog it as much as he/she loves you. Hehe. Take a hint from here:You can try multiply gimmicks but please, play it fair for everyone. : )” — and he played fair by having cute doodle requests for his followers! That’s a crazy commitment to do, and I admire him for that.

His notes are still being reblogged until now (400~ notes from the last time I checked), even though it ended last November 28.  :blank:

Screenshot / Proof (taken on the same day the contest ended)

And he reblogged my tumblr post (teaser) which adds up another 50 points! (1 note = 1 point)

おめでとうございます! Omedetou Gozaimasu, Walf! Is that your real name? If it is, that’s so cool!

Kindly email me your complete name / address / contact details to: the.rainbowholicATgmail.com  :blush:


And  of course, Kaila cannot just ignore these entries..

By Trisha

By Celinie

By Yhang

To Trisha, Celinie, and Yhang, kindly send me your complete name/address/contact details (second time for Celine and Yhang!). I have a small Rainbowholic gift of appreciation for you guys! : )


Again, thank you for the support and participation! I will think of more creative and fun contests in the future.. with the cutest and sweetest prizes ever! To the winner and my picks, I will ship the items next week after my hell week of kanji!

Wish me luck on my Japanese Language Proficiency Test (Level N3) this Sunday! I need all your prayers and brain cells haha..  :hihi:


8 thoughts on “☆ Rainbowholic Shop Tumblin’ Contest Winner ☆

  1. congrats to the winner! i already expected he’ll win though 😉 and i must say, i had really fun asking my followers one by one to reblog and like my entry and even my friends and cousins helped me out on the contest! haha thank you so much kaila! :heart: omg that trisha’s photo entry is so cool! :love: how did you do that girl? also, i wanna hug :hug: celenie coz never in a day i didn’t stalk her tumblr! bwahaha omg sorry for this long message haha :tongue:

  2. Congratulations to Walf! Wooo ang effort niya @-) His drawings are cute!! :heart:

    And aww ate so swet ;____; :heart: :heart: :heart: Thank you so much huhu~

    And, good luck with your JLPT!! KAYA YAN!! I’ll pray for you~ *sprinkles you with rainbows and unicorns so you’d gain inspiration* *gives you my braincells (that are only knowledgeable with basic Japanese as of now huhu)* GANBATTE~~ :heart: You can do it woot woot~ *throws confetti* (lol andami kong ginagawa)


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