Little Miss Paintbrush x Rainbowholic Hagaki Collaboration

My friend, Chichi, has great timing! Just when she posted our awesome (applause please, haha!) collab together on her tumblr, I was planning to post the set here this week! And I think that this is a great start-off for a very interesting week ahead of  me.  :blush:


We’re good friends so I hope she doesn’t mind me leeching off some bandwidth by using her uploaded photos as well! Haha  :yay:


Featuring Chichi’s awesome drawing skills by a MOUSE + random snapshots of my travels here in Nippon









What do you think I’m really planning with these? I’d like to hear your creative guesses! For now, I’m giving these to my customers as postcard / はがき freebies.. but I’m planning a much different one.  :star:


Hoping your weekend was way awesome than mine (it was all about Japanese!),


4 thoughts on “Little Miss Paintbrush x Rainbowholic Hagaki Collaboration

  1. For Design Fiesta? 8D Lol I noticed in your photos from the latest Design Fiesta that they have lots of post cards :3


    And yeah omg I agree with ank8 calendars would be so cute~ ;w; and stickers? @w@ AND PLANNERS AND NOTEBOOKS. :(((( *ambisyosa wag mo na kong pansinin huhu*


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