Rainbows and bows

rbowholic01.JPG (850×534)

In due time. For now, some teasers ♥

01.JPG (850×584)

02.JPG (850×645)

03.JPG (850×642)

04.JPG (850×323)

Planning to save up for my own machine (these were all lovingly hand-sewn). I miss my sewing machine I left back home.


Name Card (Mock)

kaila business card.JPG (1333×2173)

Reigniting my designer side once again. Made this (can’t wait to see this in actual rainbows) so that I could “formally” introduce myself here.

Will make a Japanese version after but I think I’d get a better first impression if it’s all in English, hehe.



2 thoughts on “Rainbows and bows

  1. …..Why have I only seen this now. ;_____; OMG ATE BAKA MABILI KO ATAH LAHAT NG MGA RIBBONS AND CLIP NA YAN HA. =))))) So cute omg ;____________; :heart:


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