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Hello Rainbowholic readers~ hello hello hello~!  :yay:

It’s past 4:00 am already and I’m still wide awake. ChiChi and I have been sleeping like owls recently… (maybe our body clock is the same with Mishie‘s ??? She’s based in NY btw)!! So much passion for  JapanLover work, wooops~! : )))

Speaking of

I’d like to dedicate this blog entry just to showcase the upcoming collaboration between quirky-kawaii accessory brand ENJI (read Anggy’s feature here) and Japan Lover Me that we have been preparing for months! I cannot thank Anggyちゃん of ENJI for working with us! I never expected that our ~online relationship~ from last year (hahaha omg Anggyyy huhuhuhu I feel like we’ve been through so much haha *clingy*) would bear creative projects + friendship across the miles + amazing work partnership!!   :star: It started with sponsored accessories for my Hanazuki / Amsterdam trip .. and then now, we are partners! HUHUHUHU *cyber hugs Anggy*  😥

Ever since I got to know about Enji + super creative & hardworking Anggy‘s Japanese dream, I knew that someday we would create something people would appreciate & love . Anggy’s one of the few people I told about (read our story here) way back in January.. we exchanged tons of emails / facebook messages and brainstormed together for each piece despite the distance (she’s from Indonesia by the way). Even though was just 30% done, she greatly believed in my / our team’s vision about JapanLove. This is why you could say that I’m a bit emotional (omg whaaat haha) right now as I type & arrange this blog entry to present to all of you what we had been passionately working on for all Kawaii, Cool & Otaku JapanLovers!  :yay: Yes, I’m emotional with that kind of emoticon… hehehe..  :nod:


Cherry Blossoms  :star:

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Cranes and すき。

Make a wish..?


This is an instant favorite by any JapanLover.

Japan Lover Me

Modeled by my imouto Emika-chan ~ 






Stay tuned for the release of the accessories next month! Let me know which is your personal favorite, please~ おねがいしまーす!


10 thoughts on “The x ENJI Accessory Collaboration

  1. My favorite piece would be the crane earrings! I love the color and the simplicity! I can’t wait for the release of those accessories and I want to thank you and the Japanlover team for giving fans all over the world an opportunity to enjoy Japan via the internet :loveheart:

  2. Wow those accessories are so cute! It’s really hard to choose because all of them are great. Since I can’t choose one I’ll have a top 3: the Nihon in a heart necklace (just like you said it’s a must have and I’m thinking of buying it), the cherry blossom necklace is really cute too and last the earring suki. I also love the otaku necklace, kind of original, I like it.

  3. OMG,I love it all (as usual), but I especially love the Otaku one! You guys are so creative. :heart: :tss: 😎 :uwaa:

  4. OMEDETTOU! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

    I really love everything in this collection, but if I -really- had to choose, I would say the sakura necklace, kawaii necklace and the kakkoii necklace are my top three! I really love the font 😛

    With love,

  5. :yay: WOOOOOW! :yay: :love: Omedetou! so kawaii colab! :heart: :kawaii: :heart: THE FIRST PIC IS LOVE :heart: :loveheart: I lalalove the Kawaii, Otaku and Cool :love: :love:

  6. Omg the Otaku and the Cool ones are my two favorites!! I must get them both! Cannot wait for them to drop! :yehey: :yay:

  7. Oh – my – God!
    Those are amazing! I so adore all of those. Those are going to make me penniless, because I want them all… You are great creator and I´m pretty restless waiting for these to be released. ^_^

  8. @gachapin: hello! the design was uploaded on May but when we were planning for the design (Anggy was updating me), it was around April. I think that these two designs are just similar by coincidence. If you google sakura / cherry blossom vectors, you can find similar ones too! *_*


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