Tiara by Tracy Dizon Now Available in MAM Avantgarde Harajuku, Tokyo

Hello Rainbowholic Friends!  :star:

Just a quick post to show my support for Tracyねえちゃん and her cute couture brand, Tiara by Tracy Dizon!

Her designs are now available at the “Harajuku Girls’ go-to point for legwear!” right in the heart of HARAJUKU… MAM avantgarde!  :3star:

Check out TokyoFashion.com‘s store feature about Avantagarde Harajuku here! AMAZEBALLS GUYS.

HUHUHU Such a dream come true for Tracyねえ〜!


Super happy to be part of this project! I was the photographer & videographer in 1 whole day of fun shoot with Emikaちゃん & Yukaちゃん!


Please check out Tiara by Tracy Dizon works in the store itself if you come visit Tokyo! 🙂

UNI-URCHIN See Sick,Sea Sick!  :woww:

Modeled by Yuka Matsumoto



Styling by the Designer herself ~

And Liley (her sister) as the Associate Stylist too!  :heart:

Our favorite photo from this set hehehe  :heart:

Don’t forget to tag #tiaraintokyo on instagram /  twitter / fb once you get your own.. designer EYEBOW! hahaha~ yay!!


Omedetou again, Tracyねえちゃん!


4 thoughts on “Tiara by Tracy Dizon Now Available in MAM Avantgarde Harajuku, Tokyo

  1. Whaaaa! Thanks Kaila! It’s so nice that we actually did it! We were just dreaming about this last year when I came to Tokyo for summer and in less than a year we did it! It really is a dream come true with much love and effort from loving supportive family I have :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

  2. :love: WOOOOOW :love: those Eyebows are must-haves! :heart: :heart: Omedetou, ate Tracy! :yay: :yay:


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