Day 1 in Netherlands + Kitkat Flavors in Narita + Quirky Enji Accessories

After arriving from Hongkong at around 10pm in Saitama, I had to leave for Amsterdam the next day at 5:00 in the morning.  :what:

I was scared to be late for my flight so I rode the Skyliner train again from Nippori to Narita. It was such a crazy morning because I forgot my camera’s charger with me + my J1’s battery had been depleted as well @____@ I didn’t bother bringing my D90 because it’s too bulky and inconvenient >_<

Waiting from Kitaurawa station.

Upon arrival in Narita, I immediately looked for an electronic shop (there’s a mall in the airport.. THANK YOU JAPAN) and luckily, they were selling the exact battery charger for Nikon 1 J1!! I WAS SO HAPPY ;_;

Was looking for little something’s to give for Hanazuki + Hasbro people.. and found these weird Kitkat flavors! @_@

Purple Sweet Potato! : ))


I actually liked this. HAHA!

Good Lord.. Wasabi?!

Blueberry Cheese Cake! Japanese packaging is soooo cute

Sakura Maccha and Wa-ichigo <3

Flying with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

It was my first time to fly to a non-Asian country so you can pretty much tell how EXCITED I was!! But I wasn’t excited about the fact that it was going to be an 11-hr. flight ;___;

I was so lucky to get this seat with more leg space. I’m a bit claustrophobic so it was such a relief.

Yummy fooood! I super enjoyed this meal.

I was so bored so I handwritten my online accounts’ addresses at the back of my business card / meishi.. : ))

Free icecream!!

Second meal. SUPER YUMMMMMM!

Banks Mansion Hotel in Amsterdam

After arriving in Amsterdam, Holly and Carol-san from Hasbro greeted me with warm smiles! I was so ecstatic!!!

I was the first blogger to arrive in Amsterdam so I was lucky to have a night off just for rest~  :happy:

I love this hotel :O LOOK AT MY BED!!


Amazing room ;_; And it was all for meeeeeeeeee :”)



Simple outfit. Long top from Shimamura, yellow tights from Les Fantaisies!


What welcomed me  :star:


Super cute pillow by Hanneke-san <3

I was so surprised that my photo with this cute sleepy cloud pillow got 200+ likes on Rainbowholic FB!!

Even the welcoming letter is so creative!

Art by Niko Stumpo

So intricately designed!

Rainbowholic and Hanazuki match together so well! Look at those rainbows and kawaii characters!!!

Got a free smart phone for my stay (which was also a take-home gift btw @_@) + Hanazuki mobile phone case!!


Enji エンジ

A few days before my flight, I received a lovely package from Enji. Thank you so much Anggy-san <3 <3 <3 It was great timing because I needed Japanese-style accessories for my Amsterdam trip!!

Quirky Origami Bird ~

すき choker necklace (so Rainbowholic!)

あめ bracelet (ame = rain)

Transparent umbrella + clouds <3 <3 So pretty!!

And I received a super touching letter as well ;_;

Thank you, thank you Anggy-san!!! Your English is PERFECT! See ya here in Nippon 😉


And a tuna salad for a hungry traveler~


Can’t wait to blog more about my Amsterdam trip for Hanazuki!


9 thoughts on “Day 1 in Netherlands + Kitkat Flavors in Narita + Quirky Enji Accessories

  1. whaah 😀 so many cool kitkat tastes! I wanna try the strawberry one ^^

    I have never heard of Hanazuki before! 😀 I went to their website and tried their “game” it was so cute XD

  2. Buhay big time na siya :(( Pls donut forget me :heart: jk HAHA

    I’m so happy for you, Ate!!! 😥 11-hout flight? CRAZY!! Sana nag-DIY ka na lang habang nasa eroplano ka :)) jk jk (it IS possible, though)

    Hanazuki’s so kawaii~~ And WOAH you got a free smart phone? @____2 Hardcore!!!! :((( (sira phone ko so… :-” HAHA joke lang po)

    I’m excited to see the other photos na *w* Oh and those Kitkat flavors are adjkaskd pero parang ang sarap i-try silang lahat :(( Gosh Japan and their Kitkat flavors GOSH

    Weird Kitkat flavors I WANNA TRY :cutee:
    also loved the packaging of it :love:
    And also you’re sooooo LUCKY to go to a non-Asian Country 😀
    Just read the super-touching letter you got from a fan.
    I had to admit,HANAZUKI-SAN IS AWESOME :yay:
    *FANGIRL MODE* another inspiration :yay:
    I really want to receive your new business card :yay: SO KAWAII AND CREATIVE 😀
    I want the origami bird necklace because I really loved making origamis and Japanese fashion style 😀
    when I spotted your new bracelet, I quickly read it and it says ame and according to my Jap Learning Book,it means rain,SO PROUD I CAN READ SIMPLE JAPANESE WORDS FROM NOW :yay:
    you received a FREE SMARTPHONE!!!COOL!!!
    I promise ATE KAILA!!!SOON!!!WE’LL MEET IN NIPPON :yay:
    I think in my college life, we’ll meet there 😀

  4. How cool ^-^ i was fowling your’re blog for some time and now you are in my country. Have fun here!

  5. :woww: at all of the freebies + FREE PHONE!!! Haha that’s amazing. Btw you should try the wasabi Kit Kat, it’s my favorite :3


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