Harajuku Fashion Walk #11

After shipments in the morning (workaholic Kaila on a Sunday), went to Harajuku for the bi-monthly Harajuku Fashion Walk! A perfect excuse to see my TokyoFashion & HFW friends!

Spot the new digital Takeshita Dori sign! Built-in camera.. @_@

Wore my DIY icecream plushie x floral platforms! Had to wear comfy shoes because we were running around during HFW for a great coverage.


Had a wonderful bonding time with my Canadian friend  :heart:



SHE MADE HER DRESS! so awesome <3 Lego backpack twins  :hihi:

Went to Doutor and ate some cakes. We talked so much!! : ))

Then saw this huge advertisement truck around Harajuku I guess it’s a new boy and..?


Harajuku Fashion Walk #11

Just a few of my shots while mainly shooting a video coverage.

I love Kuma Miki-chan’s outfit so much <3


Crazy Harajuku Sunday with tourists all over : ))

Kurisu & HFW regulars


Super cute lolita who wanted a photo with me (OMG SOMEBODY WANTED A PICTURE WITH ME) +  Brokendoll’s Kensuke!

As you can tell, many gaijins were present during this HFW 🙂

Got photobombed by a Tourist! Hahaha. Talked to Kensuke of Brokendoll for a future collab <3

Instagram Sunday + Other Stuff

Last photo of my shoes, promise. Haha!

This photo touched my heart so much :”( Old couples make me go *awwwwwwwwww*

Kuma Miki’s yukata is super awesome! I actually saw that telephone fabric in Nippori! Haha

What I always look forward to: great food & jaw-tiring conversations with friends after work!!


I FINISHED THAT HUGE HAMBURGER (photo does not justify) + super tall “banana” shake!! I forgot about calories yesterday.

After that, we parted ways and I just toured around for a bit. Hello fashionable amputated legs..

Shredded my oversized plain shirt : ))

Made my own necklace <3

Rings I would love to steal. Haha just joking!

Preparing for my revamped shop <3

Swimmer’s #1 FAN  :heart:


That would be all for this entry. I shall focus on work なうw!

Have a great week ahead, everyone!


7 thoughts on “Harajuku Fashion Walk #11

  1. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
    harajuku fashion walk #11
    wanna wanna attend XD
    so creative so colorful
    ate kaila this event fits really for you 😀
    O wanna have swimmers mag, I’m also a fan of them because there sooooooooooooooooooo kawaii
    did I just saw legs hanging@_@
    wow :3 you made your own necklace. so kawaii
    and you also bough new stuff too for your shop
    goodluck with it. wish I can buy something in your shop T^T
    I promise in the future, I’ll buy something in your shop 😀

  2. You are such a cute Girl :333: That cake is with matcha right? Looks sooo delicious…Japan sure is a great Place :x:
    your Blog is helping me to never forget forget why i love it.
    Cant wait to be there next Month
    Thank you ~ :heart:

  3. Awesome pics love all the colorful outfits 😀
    And yeah NEWs has been around for a while now 😛 I love them though they’re music is very happy and upbeat and of course they’re very cute :kawaii:

  4. I’d love to attend a Harajuku fashion walk one day! But I’d have to buy a new outfit because I don’t have many Japanese fashion things :33:
    All of these photos are awesome and it looks like you had the best time 😀 I love those sakura tights! :heart:

  5. RAAAAAAINBOW~ huhu I would love to go there and attend a fashion walk 😥 :heart: sooooooo :kawaii:

  6. 🙂 Pretty photos :star:

    Does Kurisu have a blog or something? I’ve seen her on many pictures,
    but haven’t got to know her real name or any website :pink:


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