Harajuku Fashion Walk #8

I have been anticipating so much for this day to come! I was actually planning to go the last walk but my schedule didn’t permit me.. huhu. I edited the video before, you can check it out here.

It was my first time to cover an event as well as being one of the participants. Got to meet Kuma Miki of Party Baby, Junnyan, and the most colorful crowd in this planet! Of course, I was really happy to reunite with my Tokyo Fashion “bosses”,  Master Kira, Mr. Director Tony… ! If this is a dream (still can’t believe I am producing videos for TokyoFashion), please don’t wake me up!  :blush:

Cute Lolita, Decora girl, Fairy Kei.. and a fluffy hat : )

You guys should go over and watch out for TokyoFashion’s own coverage. It will be out sooner or later!


I wanted to steal the wings… : ))

Junnyan and his pink camera! Awesomeness

This is what I love about Japan: freedom of expressing yourself through fashion (no matter how colorful or weirdly cool you dress up)..

…. and you don’t get judged by people.


Everyone was so nice.. and cute!


Would love to hangout with these people more and take a ton of photos!

Unicorn!  :heart:


The cutest girls~

Such a sweet girl with badass black leather jacket (she was wearing a bullet-studded belt-like thing.. too bad it wasn’t shown :/)

Kuma Miki wearing her remake furry hat! So cute!

Funnest girls to be with <3

That’s my randoseru, right there! I commuted all the way from Saitama wearing an elementary school student’s backpack!

It’s a good place to store your photography equipment… so I have a good reason as well, hehe 😛

Who got street-snapped?? Such a LOL moment…. : )))) I got so shy! WTF

Awesome guy who has the power / ability to wear 3-inch platform shoes…

Just took this from a trimming hotel for puppies. My hair is kind of poodle-inspired like this = )))

:heart: :heart:   :heart:

I kiss walk feel run…

For the finale~

Thanks for the awesome time, Harajuku Fashion Walkers!


Love love love,


8 thoughts on “Harajuku Fashion Walk #8

  1. Woooooow that’s so awesome !! I went to one in summer and I realyy really want to do one more (but need to be in Tôkyô first)~
    Do you mind if I post some pictures of you on my tumblr (with credits of course) ?

  2. your talent in photography iz really amazing ate!
    this post, twas like i’m looking at zipper magazine or at some japanese fashion magazine!


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