Harajuku Fashion Walk Covered By TokyoFashion.com!

The big feature article is out! Prepare your eyes for a rainbow overdose~  :yay: Go over here to read about  HFW #8! I have my own set of photos, you can view those here (but those still don’t compare to the actual photographers’!)

I was documenting the walk while being one of the participants as well. Other walkers even mistook me for being just a participant! Good times~

It was a privilege to have my photo taken by our own streetsnapper, Kira-sama. HUHUHU ;____;

Anyway, this is just a quick update because I have school later this morning and I HAVE TO RESTTTTTT a lot! Just got back from my first bowling experience here in Japan! So awesome to have spent it with my TokyoFashion friends as well. <3



One thought on “Harajuku Fashion Walk Covered By TokyoFashion.com!

  1. AWESOME. *_______* I wanna join one too.. Soon. :>

    Oh and ate I was checking out the photos sa Tokyo Fashion article and I spotted a few photos with you in it haha cutieeee~ :heart:


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