Japonista Sole x Design Festa Vol. 35 at Tokyo Big Sight, Odaiba!

For the first time ever, Japonista Sole is going to participate at Asia’s BIGGEST & CRAZIEST art party exhibition: DESIGN FESTA (VOL. 35)!!

Harajuku’s Fairy Princess Kuma Miki even wears Japonista Sole!


If you haven’t seen my Design Festa entry last November.. you just missed one of my favorite photospam entries! Click here and feast your eyes on colorful art, playful fashion.. and pure awesomeness!


Scroll down as I give you a glimpse of what will be happening at our booth…

Image of Japan and everything “POP COOLTURE”… we will SHOWCASE it.

Special collaborations with creative minds..

Remake by Leen


Photography wall by our team..


Tuxedo Team x Japonista

Jin, one of the best international cosplayers, has partnered with Japonista.

Her photographs and her team’s contributions will be exhibited in our crazy booth.



Vector art postcards and posters…

By Little Miss Paintbrush & ミシー



And let me give you an idea how BIG THIS IS..

JUST the first floor of the whole event.

The second floor of the event (technically 4th Floor)..

Just a part of many preparations I have done for this event. I will be wearing this coordinate during the first day (May 12).

A vintage “musha nobori” (Children’s Day flag canvas) turned into a short yukata. Designed and sewn by yours truly.

Giving 100% for this dream-come-true event.

I sincerely hope that it will turn out  as a big success! And of course, a huge portion of FUN should be included as well!

I will be needing your prayers and well-wishes… since this would be a true test of my leadership and advertising background. I am after all.. the organizer for this event!  :what:

We were supposed to have this event last November 2011, but the slots ran out so fast! And there was a time I thought it wouldn’t push through.. since funds were running out.  :blank:

But what the hell, we made it THIS FAR. Many thanks to the people who have collaborated with our little company .. and to those who have shown support by simply promoting!  😥

I cannot believe how Japonista Sole has evolved from rough sketches on papers.. to realizing the Design Festa dream.  ;__;

In some way, I would have not graduated college + reached my Japanese dream without these jika tabi shoes! I can’t fully explain it but that’s really how it was.


That would be all for now…  just wait for weekend’s massive blog update about the booth participation!  :heart:



3 thoughts on “Japonista Sole x Design Festa Vol. 35 at Tokyo Big Sight, Odaiba!

  1. When I first get impressed with something new (jika tabi, totally new for me) I think: omg, I would never wear those. But i would definately wear as soon as i get to japan. I mean, is part of the culture and is kinda fun! So many colors, lots of designs and custons. And Japonista ones are very cute and harajuko like. Congratulations and i wish the best for this event! Can’t wait to get to japan and buy my first japonista jika tabi <3333

  2. Super happy and proud to be part of this somehow! Congratulations on Japonista’s success! 🙂 I hope I can continue to collaborate with you guys! :hihihi:


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