Overdue: POP N CUTE Party @ Shibuya Milkyway

Just posting this now because I’ve forgotten about this blog entry draft @_@


Just wanted to share my own set of (few) photos from POP N CUTE party with TokyoFashion team + Harajuku fashionables : )

Here’s the event video I created using Broken Doll’s music  😎 So happy that they allowed me to!

Live art painting, anyone?

Awesome hair of kumamiki  😎

Was using my 50mm so everyone was just so near!

Here’s KERA model Kurebayashi : )

If my memory does not fail me.. this is indeed … Akira??

Broken Doll stuff

How harajuku girls party


Awesome bow tattoo tights I’m also eyeing on from a Shibuya store + Drummer Maro!

How I do recording work from the background! : )) I look so harassed here! Carrying too many stuff hehe

Puffy face!



3 thoughts on “Overdue: POP N CUTE Party @ Shibuya Milkyway

  1. Wow Kaila! I just stumbled upon your blog and I am loving it O_O everything is so sparkly and pretty :love: :love:

    I will be sure to follow you!!

    I am so glad to see you fulfilling your dreams in Japan! It is my dream as well :yehey:


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