Red Wine and Bokeh Lights in Omotesando

Yesterday night, my brother and I attended a friend’s event (“Look and Feel” Party) for her online business here in Japan. I took some event photos for her shop and here are some!

I especially love where Yeini-san’s office is, right above the streets of Omotesando~! And the event was so posh, something different from the events that I usually go to. : )

Loving the new portrait lens my brother bought before  :yay:

My first lens love was my 50mm, then came the fisheye.. and then came this. And I’ve forgotten its specs, but the aperture is 1.4!

Very otona and corporate-ish!

Season is just around the corner~

I recently bought pairs of boots because I’ve been using one pair from a resale shop for two weeks already…



I really love this onepiece!

Italian food, and I’m not kidding.

I want this dress for my birthday!

I love how it focuses so sharply~!


Break time..

Outfit shots you do on your own..

Beautiful cityscape from above!

And a pretentious iPhone photo to end this narcissistic post.

Have to end this right away, I have a video to edit and kanjis to memorize!


4 thoughts on “Red Wine and Bokeh Lights in Omotesando

  1. I am forever in love with your photos & your blog & your cute iPhone case & everything else :heart:

    Your outfit!! *hearts everywhere* If I wore something like that here in the Philippines…. Sigh. -_____-”

    The dress you want for your birthday would suit you! *Imagines you wearing it OwO*

  2. AAAAAAAAGH kaila…. im super mad sana malamig rin dito sa pilipinas :))))))) :lulz: :lulz: hahahha. pero grabe iba nagagawa ng cold weather eh… super daming + points sa fashion and also presko, di pag papawisan…

    super cute ng boots mo!! fit na fit sa outfit! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: super like!


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