The Giving Journal 2015 by The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Philippines

A few weeks ago, Anne and I got invited by the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Philippines to their planner / Giving Journal 2015 launch. <3

Of course, we were both excited to go because not only we both love Coffee Bean but….

… we actually had our first “official meeting” for Kawaii Philippines / relaunch at a CBTL branch (Greenbelt) as well, last year!  :yehey:

And I spent most of my brainstorming sessions (alone or with the team / Anne) at Coffee Bean too! So tripleeee yay! 😀


They had a fun craft activity and we were all tasked to make our own bookmark using this wire.

We had to come up with our “goal” / “dream” / “focus” for the next year (2015).

Some people chose “invest”, “save”, “happiness” and the like.. and I chose kawaii, hahaha. Of course, that was really unexpected of me! :))






Super delicious meal! AND THE HOLIDAY DRINKKK! If I’m not mistaken, it’s red velvet..? or something :))



AHHHH food <3

IMG_2013_cb IMG_2014_cb

Anne Kate with the orange planner <3

We also posted about the Giving Journal at Kawaii Philippines~

IMG_2017_cb IMG_2020_cb

Ana Gonzales picked my “kawaii” entry for the contest. 😀

I plan to work on my dream to spread happiness and kawaii to make a difference in this world~ hihihi


After which, Anne and I roamed around for a bit.


My candy-inspired ootd 😀




A few days after, I was notified that my entry was chosen to be published / shared! @_@

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 6.31.37 PM

If you need some inspiration or encouragement, go to and browse the articles! <3


I super agreeee! 🙂


Thank you CBTL Philippines for the opportunities to share kawaii through your channel / mini event!  :star:


Random Updates + Announcements

lucky box

I’m currently offering a “Rainbowholic Lucky Box” at! <3

All lucky boxes will be packed with kawaii surprises, dreams, inspiration and love.. shipped all the way from Japan! 😀

Coffee Bean

Create your own cafe latte / coffee art!

Print the patterns here~


And lastly, here is Mike (or Mike-inspired character?) donut from Krispy Kreme! <3


I guess that would be all for now! 🙂

Thank you for reading!

Love, Kaila

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