Yukata, Omatsuri and Hanabi

I’ve finally worn a yukata! And I’m proud to say I did it on my own… except for the obi (belt-like). My brother tied the ribbon for me, haha!

Omatsuri or matsuri is the Japanese term for “festivals”. Every summer, there are omatsuris here and there (depending on your location). My brother and I live in a convenient prefecture called Saitama. Omiya had an omatsuri last Saturday and we were so lucky that the rain didn’t continue!

It really felt like a dream come true once again. Especially the I’m-wearing-a-yukata-just-to-watch-hanabi part!

Actually, I bought another yukata (which is matching with my my melody bag).. but it was for kids. /////sweatdrop

My brother could pass off like a samurai with his black umbrella… hahaha

There were so many people~!

Finally, the original Takoyaki! I’ve tasted and tried some in the Philippines.. but those were too sweet : /

I just wished they played music while there were fireworks.

The setting was so surreal because there was a train passing by in the background.. ~


2 thoughts on “Yukata, Omatsuri and Hanabi

  1. Awww~ Your yukata is so pretty! 🙂 And you too teehee~ CUTE MY MELODY BAG!! It matches with my watch. 8D :))

    Would want to experience that someday~ ^_____^

  2. :woww: :woww: :woww: festival!! ano un pag festival jan required dapat naka ganyan ang suot? cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute


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