Kaila’s Gal Makeup Transformation with FindJPN

I have been wanting to try out the mature / otona gal look because it’s really different from my style and I want to shock my family and friends. This is why I’m very thankful to try out and review one of FindJPN’s fun activities, Kawaii Japanese Gal Makeover by Junko-san!


I was so happy that I didn’t mind spending 400 yen just to capture my Gyaru look! Hahaha~ Wish I had gyaru friends that day, haha!


  I didn’t want to neglect my moody / twistedly kawaii style so I wore something that I could call “me” ^^v

Platform sneaks from Shibuya 109, Bowholic bag + Disneyland Daisy keychains, etc + Mall girls bracelet by PSC Trinkets

If you like my Minnie/Daisy dress / outfit set, you can find similar ones here: Styled Sets by Kaila

A Pleasant Afternoon with Junko-san

My before look after showering 😀

I wore circle lenses to enhance my eyes ^^

Branded cosmetics @_@ Every girl’s dream!

I was so surprised when I saw her eyelashes collection! She really is a make-up artist by profession ^^v

When I first met her, she made me feel at home and very comfortable. She’s so polite and friendly.. maybe I’ll book this activity again next time! Haha~

Thanks Junko-san and FindJPN for the memorable and fun makeover activity! <3

So happy with my eye make-up! Sugoiiiiii!


If you are in Tokyo or you plan to go to Tokyo, definitely have a makeover first before going to Shibuya~! Hehe  :star:


8 thoughts on “Kaila’s Gal Makeup Transformation with FindJPN

  1. :heart:
    I’m super amazed how she made your hair sooooo full! Being a stylist myself working with professional HMUA’s it’s rare Hairstylist have the patience, meticulousness and good hands to make your hair as “volumized” as here! They usually use hair extensions to achieve this look!

    Kaira-chan I have HAPPY NEWS for you! Just a bit busy nowadays with mommy duties and designer duties!! will chika with you soon! Miss you!

  2. WAHHH GYARU DREAMS ;A; (Atashi no Gyaru no Yume?? jk di ako sure wahhh :((( redundant ng “no” huhu)

    I has no monies so let’s just have a DIY Gyaru makeover when I get there na ;A; =)))))

    GANDA MO AS ALWAYS :heart:

  3. Aaahhhh I love the eyemakeup she did for you! And the hair styling is gorgeous~~ <3 If ever I get the chance to go to Japan, I will definitely go all out to doll up before heading to Shibuya ^^ Kaila, you are indeed an inspiration to us all! 🙂


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