Meaningful Art Jewelry by Hila Binyamin

Last week, I received love all the way from Israel.  :heart:

This piece of  おしゃれ art really took my breath away. (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

I usually receive super cutesy items from collaborators and readers (huhu you guys are so sweet TT_TT)..

… but this particular piece is definitely one of the unique love mail packages!  :3:

It made my day!  :hihi:

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❤ About This Wonderful Collection ❤

Meaningful jewelry with a secret message in form of numerology, Japanese, symbols and much more.

The different pieces carry hidden messages which are special to the one wearing them.

One can simply choose a custom-made piece with a special date (e.g., birthday, wedding date, or other meaningful dates), wear a piece with a hidden Numerology message, or wear a piece with a hidden Japanese love symbol message.

All the pieces in the “Meaningful Jewelry” collection are made of gold-plated brass or silver-plated brass with Swarovski stones and gemstones. ✧



For some reason, wearing this gold heart necklace made me want to bring out & wear my favorite red dress, shoes and lipstick!

I feel like a real woman now, haha! A simple yet very meaningful necklace can make the person feel more confident / loved !  ♥

“You have love to give, so use this unique pendant to express your feelings. 
Wear this meaningful heart as a reminder of all the love you have in your life.”

Meaningful thoughts & Love.

Thank you so much Hilaさん again for this beautiful & meaningful (he)art necklace!

I will treasure this so much!  :heart:



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