Sexiest Rainbowholic Shoes Designed by Acrylicana from Apparel Dynasty

Something arrived in the mail today!

Say hello to my Acrylicana Platform Pumps from Apparel Dynasty! This was designed by one of my favorite illustrators on deviantART, Acrylicana!

OMG I love this pair of pumps so much! I rarely wear heels but one-of-a-kind shoes like this pair cannot be missed!

I have never felt so sexy until I wore this pair. : ))) Rocking this with my pajamas and hoodie for tonight! Haha~!

For tonight, you will replace Duffy / Kero beside me. Please don’t stab me when I hug you unconsciously…

Acrylicana Wish List!

Poppin Fresh Roller Skates

I’ve always wanted a pair of oldskool rollerskates! If only these were being sold.. but then again, no money! Haha

Harmony Pull Along Luggage for my rainbow adventures. I’ll pretend that this is my unicorn?!

Cotton Candy Vinyl Bag

Snow White’s Poison Apple Platform Pumps

and everything in this page.


4 thoughts on “Sexiest Rainbowholic Shoes Designed by Acrylicana from Apparel Dynasty

  1. WOW!!! SHOES!!! So NICE!!!! just… :heart: I need those… I just wonder how height the heel is :love:

  2. hehehe i just bought my heels yesterday – simple, classic navy blue heels. so i can understand your happiness (though yours are crazy! awesome! so colorful :kiss:)


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