Summer Pastel Colors in Autumn

Today was the second day of Bunka’s school festival. And I am a happy shopper! I was able to buy 4 super cute coats + a pink gradient sweater with just an ichiman! It’s very hard to find cute and fashionable autumn coats with that price here~ :pink:

When I saw the big buttons, I immediately grabbed this!

It’s so vintage-y and pastel! And teal is forever a cute color <3


For the second piece, this is a weird-patterned 2-gradient sweater! For some reason, I’ve been collecting sweaters recently…


The pink gradient is awesome! I got this for 500 YEN!

Interesting hair piece / brooch I got from the fastest bazaar I’ve ever been. Seriously, in 20 minutes all the stuff were GONE!

SUPER CUTE YELLOW / CARD-CAPTOR SAKURA-INSPIRED .. half coat? Please enlighten me with coat-related names haha

Another unique set of brooch piece I got for 300 YEN.

It looks a bit crumpled (lol is this paper) here but it looks amazing in  real life!

THOSE BUTTONS ;__________;


I really love the vintage feel of this piece! I can’t wait to wear this!  :star:

Original price is 33,600 JPY… and I got this for 2,625 YEN. And it can be worn in different ways!  :heart:

Happy shopper!  :heart:


New items for November are up in my shop‘s facebook fanpage! Don’t forget to like Rainbowholic’s page~! どもありがとうございました!


I can’t wait to write more about Bunka Sai~


5 thoughts on “Summer Pastel Colors in Autumn

  1. OMG I JUST LOVE EVERYTHING YOU BOUGHT, REALLY. :heart: Wahhhhh oh the things I’d buy when I’m in Japan already…. (SOON!!!)

    Oh and I liked your page naaa~ 8D Currently telling my friends to do so too. ^____^

  2. @Celinie: Go here now! Haha :heart: Thank you for telling your friends! Me appreciates it!! <3

    @Tokyo Fashion: That sounds awesome and creepy at the same time ;_____; I'm really happy that I found some of his stuff for prices like that :nod:

  3. Oh wow! How cute! American school festival’s are not similar to Japan ones. I envy you lol

    And thank you for the comment. I haven’t blogged for a long time lol, so I was surprised that I even had one!


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