Take Me Somewhere With Your Beetle

I need to recolor my hair! I must try those Japanese shampoos that also color your hair.

(Fact: Ever since I had my hair colored when I went LOA in college, I never had it in black again!)



A vintage red beetle!

*playing at random objects because your outfit post must be creative in some way*

This bag is for my upcoming shop, Rainbowholic.

I’m proud to tell the world that I am wearing an S-size jeggings from Uniqlo! HUHUHUHU so much hard work for this

(had to opt for the long walk when going home)

wearing the BIG clip

Red sunnies that I terribly missed

Bow rings for Rainbowholic Shop


My brother takes my pictures. Ii ne?

I must study now for tomorrow’s last test. MUST PASS IT NO MATTER WHAT!!!




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