Let’s Get Lost in LeLe Land with Blythe & Alice

It does not hurt to try, as they always say.

And so I left a comment on Junie Moon’s facebook post about wanting to cover the ongoing exhibition for LeLe Junie Moon’s 3rd Anniversary Event….. who would think that I would be actually invited to do so?  :happy: It was the same moment when they allowed me to take a load of photos in Junie Moon’s Daikanyama Branch.

I am a happy photographer.

I will always adore this pair of elven shoes.

Walking straight from Shinjuku’s Minami (South) Exit..


I really like my whole setup today. Haha /self-appreciation

Heart-shaped bags I can only adore from outside. Someday, when I become a rich lolita.. I’ll buy the silver one! Haha

Gachapons outside the Marui One department store.

I love this department store of lolita goodness! When I get rich…

Strawberry dress from La Parfait




Alice in LeLe Land~


Enjoy the photos, everyone~!

I super wanted that bag! It’s calling SPRING!!

Hello you pretty doll~



Look at the production details… >_<

I love this!

Somebody please purchase this for me


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