The Little Miss Paintbrush

 merienda time! :D ♥

If you’re a fan of cute typos on tumblr, you’ve probably seen one of her works on your dash before. I’m a proud reblogger of her works (you know me, when I see something cute.. the general rule is: reblog.). Her works are just so cute, animated (literally), and witty!

And then one random day, I was bored and I landed on her page again. Saw that she was open for commissions, I immediately emailed her! ANDDDDD the rest is…. history. These were the doodles she made for me (and Carlo). OMONA :3

I suck at intros (bet you didn’t realize that the paragraph up there was an intro…/fail).. so let’s start with the real feature, shall we?


Chichi, Tumblr’s Little Miss Paintbrush

(for a 22 year old, she looks so young~! and that’s a compliment 8D)

10 interesting and random facts about Little Miss Paintbrush

  1. My real name is gercy (cy-cy = chichi) (interesting name huh? :p)
  2. I lived in an island (Boracay) for two whole years. With myself. o-o But i’m home now. 😀
  3. I draw on a computer with only a mouse. I don’t have a tablet. Donations are open though lmao xD
  4. Chocolate makes me sneeze.
  5. I’m a registered nurse who is not practicing my profession for over 3 years now, asides from getting my dad’s blood pressure. LOL
  6. I’m a GM (game-master) in one private server of Ran Online. 😀
  7. I’m half blood. Don’t ask haha it’s a secret. 😀
  8. For a whole year, i thought my cat pusheen was female. when my mom saw pusheen, turns out he was a male. :))
  9. I’ve done cosplays twice now. 😀 Will probably cosplay more in the future. 🙂 It’s SO FUN!!! 😀
  10. I’m deathly afraid of wearing contact lenses. -_-

When did you start illustrating? When did tumblr come into picture?
I started getting involved with art when i was really little. 😀 I was told that i was obsessed with drawing on any flat surface i could find (including walls and tabletops lul).

Tumblr sent me an owl with a letter. LOL no jk. xD A friend kinda recruited me. 🙂 And I will be eternally grateful to that friend. 😀

Please share one of your earlier works. ^^

(yes that’s a potato -.-)

Eep~ I just browsed on my old tumblr folder and realized how unattractive my old tumblr doodles were. xD I used photoshop back then and I was completely clueless about brushes and resolutions and stuff. But I’m very proud of my old works, because I learned so much from them. They’re proof that people do get better with practice. 😀

Where did you get your inspiration? How do you stay inspired?
I get inspiration from random things, random people. It’s easy to be inspired when you love what you do. Even when other people try to bring me down, I carry on. =P I stay inspired because art is my passion. :DD

my life at home. i’m very very lazy when it comes to brushing my hair. and i put it in a bun without even combing it. -_- from bruno mars’ the lazy song. 

Besides illustrating or making digital artworks, what are your other hobbies?
Uhm well.. My main hobby is eating. :)) But I like to play online games too. And I also like to sew, by hand, but I’m very lazy to make clean stitches. :DD I also love books.

If there’s one country you’d like to visit and travel, what would be it? And why so?
I would like to travel the whole world. 😀 I can’t pick which would be the first country though~ ;n;

Any creative websites or tumblr accounts to recommend? 

ohhh I want to list them all but it will take forever ;n;

During a lazy day, what do you usually do? (RANDOM QUESTION IS RANDOM DO NOT JUDGE) =)))
I usually scroll scroll scroll down my tumblr dashboard all day, eat, sleep, doodle a little, play with my cat. (like almost everyday of my life)

Some of her amazing works /hands down



I’m featuring her because I believe this kind of talent must be shared to other people. Her art is just so cute and refreshing. Everything on her tumblr makes me smile~! I wish I could draw like her. /frustrated illustrator

If you have a tumblr account, follow her here: ^^


I’m so glad to have discovered her and has become her friend. : )



28 thoughts on “The Little Miss Paintbrush

  1. I can’t believe she drew potatoes like that before! :what: But, now it’s like she’s my art teacher (not directly anyway). I wish she do more tutorials! But, with simple doodles not manga ( I tried to draw manga but it always ended like poo :tsk: ) Keep on moving :yay: :x:

  2. Thanks rainbowholic for featuring Chichi, I’m a fan of her too, I love her artworks. And because of her tablet-less drawings, I’m also inspired to do my drawings with just a mouse or touchpad. Keep up the good work,. 🙂 :heart:

    Now I know you’re a registered nurse pala, sayang, you should have taken fine arts or advertising, or take 2nd deg nalang. Make your passion your profession. 🙂

  3. I Love this ;u; Inspiringgggggg <3 :woww: :kawaii: :blush3: :blush: :yehey: :cute: :cute2: :cheer: :love: 😉 :starru: 🙂 😀 :fly: :nod: :peace: :333: :33: :3: :3star:

  4. I love ur works it so cute specialy mention the street foods… ur awesome love it… two thumbs up 4 u…. ♥♥♥

  5. I REALLY LOVE YOUR WORKS! I’m your fan. You inspire me. Promise! :”> I hope I can make artworks just like yours. Keep it up! I wish we could be friends even on tumblr only. Godbless :))

  6. YOU ARE SOOOO GOOD AT DRAWING!!!!!! SERIOUSLY HOW DO YOU DO THIS?!?!?!? YOU CAN MAKE LIKE MANGAS WITH THESE!!!! ITS SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!! :yay: :x: 😉 :what: :woww: :yehey: :cute2: :cute: :heart: :tongue: :blank: :star: :nod: :ohnoes: :peace: :pink: :dancee:

  7. She inspire me too
    because when I see she doesn’t draw without any touch pad,I believe if I can doodling with a mouse too 🙂
    Thanks ChiChi 😀 I :heart: you and your work

  8. I :heart: you blog! It really inspires me to shut up and get a tablet to draw on. :blank: JKJKJK! :blush: but anyways, I. TUMBLR. (LOVE) YOU. BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!! :nod:

  9. ohoho.. /omg i didn’t really noticed the “More About Me” icon..omg so she’s also a Nurse..(like my oldest bro..) anyways thanks for inspiring me very very much.. :heart: :333: I won’t stop for being your fan.. tytytytytyty :heart:
    and also ill still draw some doodles for yah.. :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :cute:

  10. OMG!!
    Super ganda po ng drawings niyo.. 😉
    Nakakainspire po especially sa total girl readers like me :heart:
    I :heart: :heart: :heart: your blog ate chi chi :star:

  11. Hi! I see, you’re a Filipino so pwede naman siguro akong magtagalog. XD Isa kasi akong frustrated writer sa isang site tapos may nahanap akong drawing/ picture na pag-aari mo na gusto ko sanang ipost dun sa site kasama ng story, pang- imagery na rin niya. Kung pwede lang naman. I find it cute kasi ea. So, yun lang. Ang godo-gondo ng drawings ^______^

  12. OMG so cute! Huge fan of LMP! I check her Tumblr from time to time, I always get her new freebies, and I always buy TG and admire her cute drawings! :heart:

  13. Hey, I’ve seen you on the Kawaii International in NHK. You’ve been features as one of the best outfits and picture at that episode. Keep it up~! 😀

  14. Yay for ate Chichi! Half blood? I think ate ChiChi’s half American/German (???)
    Ate Chichi I luv you sooo much :* :heart: :heart: :heart:


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